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KFC Update, doggy cafes and more

Sun Sep 25, 2011 Miss Vicky 

Miss Vicky was chided today by a member of the Faithful Legion for the light blogging of late. It is indeed time to get more political - city budget approaches, we're heading in to the last push in the provincial election and our MP is contemplating a run at the NDP leadership. There is condo news as well, as Claridge has bought the former 168 Market and has had initial meetings with the HCA about what they might want to put in there (from the code words they used at the zoning committee meeting, I'm guessing high).

But alas, there is a time crunch so we'll have to make do with a comings and goings post.

There have been lots of musings and rumours swirling about the future of the former KFC. Among the more persistent and popular rumours was that it would be taken over by the fine folks at Hintonburger. They have grown out of their space, for sure, and the proximity to the Elmdale would make for a perfect partnership.

Indeed, we were able to confirm that the Hintonburger is working on a move - had the news straight from the owner's mouth when he purchased the Webgeek's old desk at our garage sale recently. We weren't sure we wanted to blog it until things were final but since OpenFile let the cat out of the bag, we might as well chat about it here!

I think they are in the midst of finding out exactly how much work they'll need to do on the place, what they'll do with the old location (they signed a lease, so they'll need to find someone to take it over or morph that location into another food venture). And then there's the financing. We suggested they chat with our pals over at Zen Kitchen about the Community Supported Restaurant model they used. We figure there are plenty of people in this community that would love to see something great at the KFC site, and support a business that really has added something special to the 'hood. (And no, I don't mean the few extra pounds we may have picked up since they opened). What do you think?

In other mainstreet news, looks like the Sit N Stay Dog Cafe is inching closer to opening in the space that formerly housed A Fine Thing antiques. It'll be a dog-friendly coffee shop that will offer other dog-oriented services, like short-term boarding. Sounds like an innovative model. They've got lots of comfy-looking couches in there, giving it a kind of living room vibe. Back when Miss Vicky lived on Roncesvalles in Toronto, she frequented a great coffee shop and roastery called Alternative Grounds. It welcomed pooches and was a really great gathering place. So I'm really interested to see how this will develop.

Heading west, there's a lot of renovation happening in the block that corners Fairmont. In the next few months, we'll get our Bridgehead, the much-anticipated Hintonburg Public House, Isobel's Cupcakes and a yet-to-be-named wine bar. Can Cozy's survive with all of these additions? We sure hope so; WeeG loves the pancakes and it is a reliable weekend breakfast spot (not to mention a much-needed affordable eatery for folks with limited incomes). We are pretty excited about Isobel's though - it's a completely nut-free bakery and it will be fantastic to have a place to get treats that are safe for G's peanut allergy.

This is a pretty food-oriented posting but I have to give some props to Max's Shoe Repair. We wandered in there during Taste of Wellington and discovered they also have some pretty nice bags and kick-ass boots for sale. Who knew? I still mourn the loss of Tony but I will be bringing my stuff up to Max's from now on. And maybe picking up the odd pair of boots as well.

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forever m@mmy Sep 26, 2011 01:56 PM said:

There is actually one thing that I love on KFC menu.
Too bad, Canada is to far away from the company origin. It’s more likely you’ll find those in Europe.
I’m thinking Hot Wings. Not original, not hot & spicy, just hot. You can even find them on the KFC list of products they offer, but it’s the only product with asterisk. “Only participating restaurants” http://www.kfc.ca/home/en/down loads/nutrition.pdf
Wonder, if there is one in Ottawa… Hopefully not the one they are closing ;-)

Richgold Oct 2, 2011 02:08 PM said:

I heard a confirmation through the grapevine that The Hintonburg took out the lease with the former KFC. A win-win-win! (Great support for Elmdale, and for a quick dinner on the way home!) Looking forward to 'Burg's expansion.

To add to the gossip chatter, The Huz was talking to an architect doing work on Preston who said that there is a deal in the works for an up-scale type grocery store (kind of like what the Island Park Metro has become, but not so upscale that it won't help the community - methinks it's a Whole Foods) coming down. He was told ground breaking would be around the end of the month.

That would give the area some relief.

And interesting perspective of Market 168. Would be sweet if they offered some kind of store frontage down at that end.

Miss Vicky Oct 2, 2011 09:53 PM said:

They do intend to have store frontage and were talking grocery store as well. But they were also talking "gateway" and "mixed use centre", all code words for 20plus stories. We'll see how it plays out.

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