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Yard Work Flash Mob! November 13

Wed Nov 2, 2011 Miss Vicky 

You know those flash mobs - where a bunch of folks show up in a public place and do something outrageous - like singing, dancing, or guerilla theatre - to the amusement and bemusement of passers-by?

What if, instead of an ironic rendition of "Hammer Time", a bunch of folks descend upon a neighbourhood with rakes and garden gloves and start doing yard work for seniors and people with disabilities?

Well Miss Vicky's amazing and big-hearted friend Clay is organizing a volunteer flash mob on Sunday, November 13. He's looking for people to show up at 2-295 Hinchey Avenue (homebase) at 10am, and then spread out through Hintonburg helping out those who need a hand cleaning up their leaves and gardens.

There will be hot chocolate throughout the event and a potluck afterwards for the volunteers.

Clay could use the help printing and distributing flyers and posters and spreading the word to friends and neighbours - especially those you think might like a hand cleaning up their yard. Donations of garbage bags and loans of rakes and tools will be also useful.

If you want to participate or if you need a hand cleaning up, please call Clay at 613-699-8672 or email him at loveourkids@resist.ca.

Spread the word!

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Richgold Nov 3, 2011 09:03 AM said:

Ha! THAT explains the posters. Great idea Clay!

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