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All In Hand

Here you'll find the sum total of Miss Vicky's Remarks thus far.

Temporary Bachelorhood

The Webgeek Wed Jul 26, 2006

Hello all. Sorry about the lack of updates. Miss Vicky is away for the week to her family cottage in Perry Sound, floating in Mill lake and enjoying the company of her siblings and thier family. I, on the other hand, am saving up my vacation days for the arrival of the Wee Webgeek 2.0.

Now, with that aside, I thought I'd point out an interesting article from yesterday's Citizen that states that Ottawa sucks at recycling when compared to Toronto. Now, to be fair, when you look at the supplied graph, Windsor-Essex really sucks (recycle-wise); we here in Ottawa just aren't perfect. Turns out the T-Dot is one of the best recylers in Ontario -- separating out more than 90% of all recyclable products save aluminium food and beverage containers (where they dropped to 82%, though still beating Ottawa's 78%). One of the reasons they mentioned for the difference was due to the fact that Toronto has more, and better advertised, programs than Ottawa. It turns out that if you tell city residents to recycle *and* give them every opportunity to do so, they start recycling more. Who knew.

It was also mentioned that many Ottawans don't know what can and cannot be recycled. Now, I think most of our readers are aware that waste management is one of Miss Vicky's favourite topics -- Yoghurt tubs and green bins specifically -- so if this town needs help spreading the message, we here at Miss Vicky's Home for Wayward Activists are more than happy to help out. Here's the City of Ottawa's Garbage and Recyling page, chockablock with fun and interesting facts; including an interactive tool for finding out when your pick-up days are; lists of what's acceptable in our blue & black boxes; and a special list for apartment dwellers. There's also a special section devoted to non-recyclable items that can be taken back to various retailers and depots about town.

There we are, faithful legion. All the info we need to start promoting and creating a more recycle-friendly Ottawa. Go forth and spread the word.

Lets kick Toronto's butt next year. ;)

UPDATE: one intrepid reader noticed that the city of Ottawa changed up all the links on their site conscerning garbage collection. I guess they've never heard of URL Redirection. At any rate, the links are fixed. You may now access the recycling goodness once more

Jenna's Journey

Miss Vicky Wed Jul 19, 2006

I've been following the progress of Kingston marathon swimmer, Jenna Lambert, who is swimming across Lake Ontario to raise money for swim programs at the Kingston Y. A 32 hour trek across a great lake is a feat for any athlete. As a swimmer, I can certainly appreciate what she has taken on. Jenna is no ordinary swimmer,though. She has cerebral palsy, and propels herself with her arms alone. I am in awe.

Brew-filled Pub-y goodness

The Webgeek Wed Jul 19, 2006

Just a quick note to all who might have missed the latest comments in our discussion about the upcoming Wellington Gastropub; Shane Aldron, owner of said establishment, was kind enough to allay our misgivings about their 'proposed' beer list.

Just to reassure everyone who has visited our website, the beer list was "put together" months ago, and as time passed I felt it needed to be more craft and micro brewery orientated ( Dave's was a joke by the way!!)
The new list should be on the site in the next couple of days. Hope you like it. It features Beau's, Robert Simpson, Heritage, Cameron's, Mill Street, Brick, Wellington (naturally), Marston's to name a few.
Thanks for all your comments and I must say we are very excited about being part of your community. We are hoping to open in about 3 weeks, Looking forward to seeing you then.
Shane Waldron
The Wellington Gastropub

Interestingly enough, we also heard back from one of the co-founders of Beau's All Natural Brewing Company, whom we also linked to in the former thread.

I just saw your posting about the Wellington Gastro-pub, and was wowed by your link to my site (My dad and I are behind Beau's All Natural).

I'm not sure if your post helped us land an account at the Wellington or not, but I sure do appreciate the link!

So, thanks again, please let me know if I can buy you a pint some time...

Now, seeing as Miss Vicky is currently with child, I would gladly take her place in consuming said pint(s)... especially at, say, the grand opening party of the Wellington Gastropub -- should invitations to said party happen to come the Webgeek's way.


you never know.


Too hot to blog?

Miss Vicky Tue Jul 18, 2006

Wow, time really flies when you find yourself trapped in the one air-conditioned room in the house.

I realize I've neglected my Offhand Remarks lately. But the heat sapped every bit of energy I had, and if there was anything left over, well, that's for Pumpkin. I will try my best to post something more scintillating in the next while. Today, however, I'm off to Meech Lake.

The shindig, as you may have already gathered, went very well. Good turnout, especially for a Bluesfest night (not to mention the hot, steamy weather). I think folks enjoyed the art, the space, and the performances. Oni was fantastic as usual, and Julie Element cooked up a song about my campaign just for the occasion. I'm especially thankful that Julie came out,as her canine companion, Daisy, came down with geriatric vestibular syndrome that night (Pepper, my former pooch, had the same thing and it is very scary to watch). Emily Jones was also great - a few folks danced and hopefully she'll get a gig or two out of the evening.

I spent the better part of Friday and Saturday in meetings (which were fortunately held in air conditioned offices), and the rest of the weekend was pretty slothful.

I had all kinds of plans for this vacation - mostly having to do with getting the jung - I mean garden - weeded, doing some organizing in the house, and so on. So far I've made very little progress. Hopefully the slightly cooler weather will turn me around. But in the meantime, I'm off to the beach!

Smallman Summer Shindig!

Miss Vicky Tue Jul 11, 2006

Hope to see you tomorrow! It should be fun!

The Smallman Summer Shindig
Wednesday July 12th starting @ 7:00 PM
Cube Gallery 7 Hamilton St. N

Come, meet your next city councillor. Sample some of Ottawa's best creative talent. Join in the fun as we throw a festive fundraiser for the Vicky Smallman Campaign!

Poetic beats by Oni the Haitian Sensation
Toe tapping tunes from DJ Emily Jones
Superb songs by Julie Element

Bluesfest high and low notes

Miss Vicky Sun Jul 9, 2006

We got weekend passes for Bluesfest, and have been enjoying the fantastic weather while listening to great music, people-watching and generally soaking in the Bluesfest vibe.

Highlights so far include:
Seu Jorge (you may remember his acoustic renditions of David Bowie Songs in Portuguese from The Life Aquatic). It was great to hear some of his original stuff, backed up by a talented band (the three man tambourine solo was stunning. Who knew you could do all that with a tambourine?).
The Brazilian Girls kicked off our Saturday festivities - they had the crowd at the MBNA stage grooving away (a real feat in yesterday's heat, let me tell you). Elvis Perkins was a surprise high - quirky, fun, and nothing like what the program's writeup led us to expect.

Keb' Mo' was smooth and sultry (if guys can be sultry.... I think the heat has sapped my vocabulary today), and although we enjoyed his performance immensely, the real treat was his encoure, when he was joined by a surprise guest: Bonnie Raitt! That was great for us, 'cause we had decided to hit Feist's performance instead of staying for Raitt's mainstage show.

Aside from the music, there is plenty to soak in at Bluesfest - and not just the rays. We ran into all kinds of friends and acquaintances, had a great time watching folks have a good time (Bluesfest is particularly good for kid-watching). We had a fantastic supper at the Caribbean booth at the mainstage (I'm still riding the endorphin high from the scotch bonnet sauce I had on my curry chicken).

Now, chairs are always a controversial Bluesfest topic. We played the pregnancy card and brought 'em this year - and it seems every year chairs become more plentiful. There are quite a range of them - from our bright green and orange butterfly chairs to the more traditional camp chair to the wood-and-canvas beach/concert chair. But the topper of them all was this one:

Fantastic. no?

As for the low notes.... there are a few. Bluesfest has touted its "greening" with much fanfare. The biodiesel-powered generators are a great idea, and the biodegradable beer cups are inspired. The hosts have been pushing the special sleeves set up at garbage bins to collect the cups. And it's working well. But they seem to have forgotten that not all festival-goers are drinking beer. Take Miss Vicky, for example. While she may have indulged in the odd brew at previous bluesfests, this year it's all about the water. Bluesfest sells them in bottles. But there is nowhere to recycle them. Would it be that hard to put out a few blue bins at every stage? Folks would use 'em. I carted 10 bottles home to our recycling bin, but not everyone is addicted to recycling like Miss Vicky.

I promise, I won't ask for green organic composting bins until the city starts its collection program. Really.

The other piece of constructive criticism I'd offer the organizers: lose the tired Mardi Gras-themed decorations. Especially when they have nothing to do with the yearly Bluesfest theme. I mean, what does this guy have to do with the "Full Throttle" theme of this year's festival? And honestly, most of these decorations are tired, old, and tacky looking. Time for them to retire. Find some summer student funding and hire some kids from Canterbury every year. Or something! Please!

Shakespeare in the Park

Miss Vicky Thu Jul 6, 2006

Tonight - for one night only - Salamander Theatre performs All's Well that Ends Well in the park behind the Hintonburg Community Centre. It's looking cloudy right now, but hopefully this will blow over and you will be able to enjoy a fun, relaxing evening of outdoor performance by young actors. If it rains, they'll move inside the centre. The show starts at 7pm.

If you're like Miss Vicky and can't make tonight (sniff), you'll have another shot at Shakespeare in Hintonburg Park next week when A Company of Fools performs Two Gentlemen of Verona on July 11, 12 and 13. Shows are at 7:30pm.

Admission to these shows is free, but a hat will be passed for donations to support these performances. HCA will be selling beverages. Bring along a blanket, lawn chair, friends and loved ones!

Salamander's production moves on to Westboro Beach next week, so perhaps all will end well for Miss Vicky if she can catch their performance there on July 13 (again, the show starts at 7).

Wellington Gastropub opening soon

Miss Vicky Wed Jul 5, 2006

Back in April, when Wellington Street Works had its launch at the CUBE, we met a fellow who told us he was planning to open a new pub in the former location of the Tartan (and before that, Lt. Pooley's). Not just an ordinary pub, though - a "gastro-pub", featuring high-quality food along with a good beer selection. Needless to say, we were pretty psyched to hear this, figuring what he had in mind was something along the lines of the Manx or Chez Lucien, two most excellent Ottawa pubs that are, unfortunately, not located in Kitchissippi. We have long lamented the absence of a watering hole like this from our neighbourhood.

Today we noticed an "opening soon" sign on the door, complete with website url. Not sure when "soon" is, but we'll definitely be checking it out. Now, a brief glance at the menu reveals the fare is slightly more chi-chi than the Manx or Chez Lucien (with equivalent chi-chi prices). Sure sounds yummy, though.....I am looking forwart to trying the Israeli Couscous risotto. The beer selection so far is a tad slim.... as much as I used to love Creemore Springs, for example, it just hasn't been the same since Molson/Coors took over. We can only hope that this will improve as the place becomes more established (owners, if you're reading this, check out the lists at the Black Tomato, Manx and Chez Lucien, or hook up with local breweries Heritage or maybe these guys ....oh, and stock some Upper Canada point nine for the pregnant gals!).


Miss Vicky Tue Jul 4, 2006

I'm on vacation for the next month. Hooray! It's going to be so nice to have some time to reflect, to catch up on housey things, to weed the growing jungle that is my front yard. Normally I'd drive up to Parry Sound and park myself at the family compound for the duration, but the campaign, various baby-related checkups and other commitments will keep me in Ottawa for the better part of the month. Which is fine by me, as I am guessing the nesting phase of the pregnancy will be kicking in shortly. Must....purge....