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All In Hand

Weekend roundup

Miss Vicky Mon Sep 18, 2006

Whew. What a weekend! It was a flurry of activity. Saturday was the volunteer kickoff for the campaign. We had a good crowd for a brief training session and pep talk by yours truly, then sent them off to knock on doors and distribute leaflets, mostly in the West Wellington neighbourhood. We also got a mess of signs put up on lawns around the ward, and even in some businesses along Wellington West.

I went door-knocking along and around Island Park It was a gorgeous day, and not a lot of folks were home. But we had some good chats with people. Heard a lot about the LRT, concerns about OCTranspo and had a great chat with one couple about ways to encourage cycle commuting.

From what I heard, the volunteers had a positive experience and are looking forward to the next blitz this weekend. They must have done a pretty good job, 'cause I was at the Loeb on Sunday morning and was approached by someone who said "Are you Vicky, who's running for city councillor?" I had better start paying more attention to what I'm wearing on those morning dog walks and errand runs....

Saturday evening we dropped by the Hintonburg Community Centre to check out the youth film project, "People and Places" - neighbourhood youth were given cameras and produced short video snippets. Some were funny, some serious. I enjoyed it immensely (particularly "Hintonburg Ball Hockey...feel the magic", "goth milk" and "word association"). Apparently they are working on funding for more projects. I think it's a fabulous effort.

Then we headed to Pukka for their opening event. The cake show was highly enjoyable - as was the cake. The place was packed; clearly there is a lot of support and goodwill for local galleries and artists. The challenge will be to maintain this support and infrastructure (like affordable housing and studio space) as the neighbourhood grows and develops.

Sunday morning we got up, hastily put together some Tuscan Cream Cheese Spread and bruschetta topping (using our very own tomatoes from the chaotic front garden) to bring down to Kingston, where we spent the afternoon celebrating my father's 60th birthday.

Let's just say I slept well last night (well, as well as one can sleep when one is 36 weeks pregnant!).

Fresh from Photoshop

The Webgeek Sat Sep 16, 2006

Quite a few of you have been asking for official Vicky Smallman Campaign web buttons to put on your blogs & web sites.

Well, wait no longer. Here they are; 125 x 125 for light and dark backgrounds:

Vicky Smallman - Shaping Kitchissippi With You
Vicky Smallman - Shaping Kitchissippi With You

Please visit the campaign's "Media page" to get cut and paste html snippets.

last chance for LCBO petition

Miss Vicky Fri Sep 15, 2006

The LCBO's board meets next week, so we'll be collecting the petitions from the Wellington St West Bridgehead on Saturday. If you don't get a chance to sign it, do use the handy mail link here to email Barry O'Brien, LCBO Director of Corporate Services.

Pukka's Cakey Celebration

Miss Vicky Fri Sep 15, 2006

Pukka Gallery is reopening at its new location, the Engine Room at 430 Parkdale. They're having a party this Saturday, September 16 from 6 to 10pm. And they're celebrating with Cake!

In addition to new paintings and drawings by Ottawa artists Kate Barry, Gary Goodacre, Petra Halkes, Meaghan Haughian, Patti Normand, Howie Tsui, and Sharon Van Starkenburg, Pukka's menu offers new performance by Karina Bergmans and Jenny McMaster, entitled "The Cake Show".

The evening is a cause for celebration and what better way to mark the event than the exploration of the desire, festivity and fantasy which accompany this quintessential party dish. Performances involving cake and its ritual manifestations will take place throughout the evening from 7-10pm. There will be cake songs, cake fashions, cake consumption, and a cake procession that will be sure to keep everyone dreaming of cake for days..

I don't know about you, but Miss Vicky has rarely met a cake she didn't like. How can she resist?


A signing we did go

The Webgeek Thu Sep 14, 2006

Miss Vicky and I went out at midnight and put up our first round of election signs last night. Here she is, installing the first one -- on our lawn.

We also noticed quite a few Christine Leadman signs too. This definitely looks like it will be a tight race between the two of us. If you've already asked for a sign, don't worry. We'll be out with volunteers this Saturday, knocking on doors and putting up more. IF you'd like to help put up signs, or want to get a sign on your lawn too, feel free to give us a shout.

Shawn Little drops out

Miss Vicky Wed Sep 13, 2006

I must admit, I am surprised.

Mayoral Debate on Homelessness

Miss Vicky Wed Sep 13, 2006

The election debate series has begun. From what I understand, the candidates for mayor are going to be busy - there have been a lot of debate requests. Not so much for the council race in this ward (I'll let you know as they come up). Last night the debate issue was entrepreneurship. Tonight Mayoral Candidates debate the issue of homelessness. I, for one, am interested in what solutions they have to offer.

Here are the details from the Alliance to End Homelessness:


The candidates will debate – “How will you as Mayor show leadership and create the political will to make ending homelessness a priority and to provide new, affordable and appropriate housing in our community?”

The Candidates: Piotr Anweiler, Bob Chiarelli, Alex Munter, Larry O’Brien, Barkley Pollock, Jane Scarf
Moderated by Adrian Harewood, host of All in a Day, CBC Radio One

7:00 – 9:00 p.m. in Clark Hall at the RA Centre, 2451 Riverside Drive

Hosted by The Alliance to End Homelessness with Debate Partners (to date): Byward Market Business Improvement Association (BIA), Centre for Research on Community Services (University of Ottawa), Centre for Voluntary Sector Research and Development (Carleton University), Le Coalition pour prévenir l’itinérance chez les francophones d’Ottawa, Multifaith Housing Initiative, Ottawa Chamber of Voluntary Organizations, Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization, Ottawa Social Housing Network, The Alliance’s 70 organizational members

This is an opportunity for the community to hear the candidates share and debate significant policy statements by answering questions on the issue of homelessness provided in advance by the Alliance based on its 10 years experience as an Ottawa coalition. As a formal debate, there will be no questions from the floor.

Urban Bistro revamping

Miss Vicky Tue Sep 12, 2006

I had an email from a reader about the the Urban Bistro today. Kind of glad, too - I was wondering what was up with all that construction happening inside. Turns out they're revamping. Here's what they have to say:

Dear Miss Vicky

I just wanted to shed a little light on the renovations going on at the Urban Bistro. (1237 Wellington Street) After having closed for the summer months to make time for some fabulous improvements, the restaurant will be re-opening its doors this weekend under the guise of a new name – the Wood on Wellington.

The dining room has undergone a great deal of changes with a sleek and beautiful new bar spanning almost the entire length of the restaurant. The restaurant itself has taken on a stylish lounge feel, promising a comfortable atmosphere where guests can enjoy fantastic, quality food and drinks.

The Wood will feature a whole new wine list and menu featuring dishes such as the chicken mango linguine.

On game days, the Wood will also offer favourite sports games and events on high-definition widescreen televisions throughout the restaurant.

And in case you've been craving the former Bistro-style Steak Frites? The Wood will be featuring a modified version of this favoured dish as their signature plate.

All in all, the Wood on Wellington promises to continue to reflect the unique and sophisticated nature of the Hintonburg in which it resides.

This is good news. I'm glad to hear they are keeping the Steak Frites, as Miss Vicky is partial to that dish.

LCBO Petition available

Miss Vicky Fri Sep 8, 2006

The Hintonburg Community Association is launching a petition to save the Wellington St. West LCBO - look for them in the Parkdale Market this weekend and please add your signature!

(for the convenience of readers looking for background on this, or the handy mail link to Barry O'Brien, you'll find the description of the meeting with the LCBO in August here and MPP Richard Patten's response here)

Weekend Events

Miss Vicky Thu Sep 7, 2006

Lots going on this weekend! Miss Vicky is going to be buuuuuusy!

September 8: Opening party for Don Monet's show at the Cube Gallery. 7pm to late. Don's had a busy year trying to get this gallery off the ground - yet somehow he's managed to make some art as well! Come and check out some of his recent work, as well as a sampling of work from the artists featured at this end's West End Studio Tour.

September 9: Harvest Festival. Parkdale Market and all along the Wellington Village strip between Parkdale and Island Park. There will be LOTS to do, pretty much all day.

In the Parkdale Market, the Hintonburg Economic Development Committee is starting Horse trolley rides at 11am, something called "Mad Science" is taking place at noon, the fire truck will be there at 1, and of course there is the annual baking competition.

For the bakers: There are two competitions this year - for Chocolate Chip Cookies and Apple Pie. Entries need to be in to the booth at 12:30. Yours truly will be judging the Apple Pie contest at 1pm.... here is your chance to see just how much cinnamon Miss Vicky can handle (hint: a lot!). Of course it is recommended that you use some of the fine varieties of apple available at the Parkdale Market!

There will also be BBQ and goodies available, and all proceeds will go towards the fabulous Hintonburg Hip Hop program.

Also in the Market, Creative Neighbourhoods will have its Urban Treasure Hunt booth - bring your maps in and let us know where you've found hidden treasure in the neighbourhoods around the Wellington St . West mainstreet!

The Wellington Village Business Association's Harvest Arts Festival has a lot planned forthe day. A Company of Fools will be performing at 3 different venues through the day. Ray's Reptiles will be on hand, as will members of the Parkdale Orchestra. There's Sidewalk Chalk drawing at the Herb and Spice, and a Kids' Tea Party at Nectar between 11 and 2.

Also on Saturday is an Open House at the Engine Room, 430 Parkdale. The Engine Room, located at 430 Parkdale Avenue between Wellington and Gladstone, is the West End Arts & Theatre scene's newest creative destination. The Engine Room is home to internationally renowned stone sculptors Ingo Hessell and Mark Vidalin, visual artist Yvonne Weigers, as well as the new location of Pukka Gallery, the Podco podcasting company and Creative Neighbourhoods. Pukka's opening is not until next weekend, but you'll be able to check out the space, meet the sculptors, and also members of Human Mozaik, who we're hoping to work with on a public art project in the 'hood. Podco will also be open, so you can find out all about the exciting world of podcasting!

I'm also told that (if all the technology comes into place) the Engine Room will be a new Ottawa-Gatineau WIFI hotspot, with the geek team on site on Saturday testing out the equipment.

The Engine Room's open house is being held in conjunction with the West End Studio Tour, which starts on Saturday and continues on September 10, 16 and 17. I always enjoy the West End Studio Tour, and intend to be out on my bike on Sunday checking out the different studios and gallery spaces.

On Sunday, Community activist and heritage maven Linda Hoad will lead a walking tour of Historic Hintonburg - this is part of Heritage Ottawa'sseries of walking tours. Meet at 2 pm outside the Saint Francois-d'Assise church at Fairmont and Wellington. Tours cost $10, or 5 if you are a member of Heritage Ottawa.

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