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All In Hand

Comings and goings: the gentrification edition

Miss Vicky Wed Jun 13, 2007

Ok, I know that Hintonburg and West Wellington are going through a baby boom - I see it every day as WeeG and I play chicken with other strollers while we shuffle up the mainstreet. Our Momspace group is growing, the parks are full, Bridgehead overflows with Moms (and a few Dads) and babies every day. And daycare spaces are impossible to find...

But honestly, do we really need another high-end children's boutique in the neighbourhood? As we headed up to Westfest this weekend, we noticed a sign in the former location of a pub - what was it called? Wild Rover? - for Chickpea children's boutique. This makes the third in under a year, and the fourth if you count the Hush Little Baby consignment shop. Is this not a little much for our mainstreet?

To make matters worse, on our stroll last night we noticed a lot of empty space in Just4Kidzzzz, the used baby clothing store in Hintonburg. A sign on the door said they were closing on June 15. No word about relocation, so I'm guessing it will be shutting down for good. That just leaves St. Vincent de Paul for cheap used kid stuff. Boutiques are great for those who can afford it - I totally support small local businesses like Red Chair and I hope that Monica can make a go of it in the face of all this competition. But we're a mixed income neighbourhood and we need to have affordable places to shop. Not only that, we need services as well. Like a day care. Or a health clinic. Or both.

Community Association Renewal

Miss Vicky Mon Jun 11, 2007

It's nice to see some Kitchissippi community associations getting more active and engaged. Thanks in part to the stellar work of community activist quietfish and others, there is a renewed interest in having an effective community association with a critical mass of residents involved. They have been meeting regularly, and have even started up a blog to keep the community informed and get some dialogue going with Westboro residents. This is some real progress!

Another recently re-invigorated community association, the West Wellington Community Association, is celebrating its anniversary this week with a meet and greet with Councillor Leadman. It takes place on Tuesday, June 12 at 8pm at the Fisher Park Community Centre (in the school, 250 Holland Ave). There will be an informal discussion of community issues - and cake!

No matter what community you live in, it's good to be involved in your community association. Membership is cheap, and you'll have better access to information about what is happening in your neighbourhood. The bigger and more active the association, the more effective your collective voice when the city needs input.


Light blogging week

Miss Vicky Sat Jun 9, 2007

It's been a light blogging week, hasn't it? Fear not, faithful legion, Miss Vicky is chewing on this week's report of the Mayor's Task Force on Light Rail and will have some thoughts on it soon. Whether it will be in the vitriol section of her Offhand Remarks or elsewhere has yet to be determined.

In the meantime, Miss Vicky is still humming some of the wonderful tunes she enjoyed at last night's Bobcat House Concert. Such a civilized way to enjoy great music, sitting in a friend's sunroom like that. Katherine Wheatley and Wendell Ferguson offered up tears and laughs aplenty. The highlight for Miss Vicky? Had to be their beautiful rendition of "Moon River".

This weekend we'll be off to Westfest and puttering around the house. And enjoying the first delivery from Teamwork CSA - garlic, green onions, spinach, lettuce and lovage. Any lovage recipes out there? Miss Vicky wants to know!

The big event this week? Wee G cut his first tooth. And there's more on the way. Thanks to some homeopathic remedies, he's weathering it quite well.

Ottawa Organics ready to deliver!

Miss Vicky Tue Jun 5, 2007

Ottawa Organics is up and running and ready to deliver in Hintonburg, Westboro, Highland Park, and pretty much anywhere in central Ottawa. They offer 3 sizes of fresh organic produce boxes, Art-is-in and Bread & Sons bread, coffee, chocolate, milk and other staples. If you order a fruit and veg box this week (before Tues June 12) and use the coupon code "rockinrhubarb" you'll get 5 bucks off your order.

I can't explain....

Miss Vicky Tue Jun 5, 2007

Welcome to visitors from Chatelaine, where Miss Vicky was featured in a how-to article about starting a blog. And thanks to local writer Shawna Wagman for the piece!

Feel free to browse around - you'll find all kinds of entries about all kinds of topics in the "All in hand" section.

Man, I'm Face(book)ed!

The Webgeek Mon Jun 4, 2007

Our Facebook Application Page
Just a quick note for the Facebook addicted using members of our faithful legion: you can now add Miss Vicky's Offhand Remarks to your profile page. There is also an application discussion page for you to make some constructive criticism, should you want.

It's not an 'official' Facebook application just yet -- you can't find it by searching the list of applications. I want to give time to grow a bit, and iron out any kinks before I submit it for 'official' status recognition. Let me know what your think

Nerdily Yours,
   The Webgeek

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