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All In Hand

Here you'll find the sum total of Miss Vicky's Remarks thus far.

Biting my tongue, and other tasty treats

Miss Vicky Thu Aug 30, 2007

So we are in between vacation trips. We returned from Parry Sound just before yesterday's storm. Actually, we drove THROUGH the storm as we skirted Renfrew. I should say, the Webgeek did a fine job of white-knuckling it through zero visibility, driving rain, high winds and even hail. The storm nipped at our heels as we headed into Ottawa.

We came back for a caregiver interview for Kitchicoo and a doc's appointment. And on the weekend we're heading in the opposite direction, to Melbourne in the Eastern Townships, for (hopefully) a little mushroom hunting and chanterelle consuming, and some quality time with the Webgeek's relations. We are looking forward to showing off some of Wee G's new talents - high-fiving, clicking his tongue, and saying his two new words: Daddy and Doggy.

In the meantime, I'm feeling a little scatterbrained. There's a lot going on - lots of progress on our Kitchicoo daycare, lots of changes in the Finishing School, City council shenanigans over public consultations on the budget and long-range financial planning, changes along the mainstreet, events galore and more. But as I say, I'm scattered, so all that will have to wait until after the long weekend.

I did manage to read the recent Kitchissippi Times and was intrigued by the story of our former councillor's new career move, as the chef and proprieter of a new catering company. He doesn't intend to compete with the many fine higher-end establishments in the ward, he says. He's going to offer mmodest fare - fruit and veg platters, cold cuts and the like.

Aim high, Shawn. Aim high.

If I want to go somewhere other than Loblaws for my veggie platters (or the kitchen here at the Finishing School, rather) or the Bagel shop or Saslove's for cold cuts, there are actually quite a few options. And as much as I am sympathetic to the need for a new career move post public office, my personal favourite for meeting or event fare is Krackers Catering, an initiative run through the Causeway Work Centre. It employs adults with severe and persistent mental illness - people often deemed unemployable, who battle social isolation and poverty. Now there's a cause I can get behind. And the food has been consistently yummy every time I've had it.

And if I'm not hankering for the traditional sandwich-and-salad fare, I do enjoy the Lebanese goodies served up at Helen's Cuisine, housed in the Melrose Grocery.

I've actually had catering on the mind most of the day. In addition to the piece about Little, I noticed an ad for a catering service offering kids' lunch options. Credible Edibles is a Hintonburg-based business offering tasty, healthy, environmentally responsible lunches for kids and adults. They also run workshops for kids and parents, small group catering and a regular newsletter for folks interested in eating healthy and responsibly. They use local suppliers, and take their inspiration from the slow food movement, and best of all, use resusable and compostable containers! As I was mulling all of this over (and hoping they'll still be operating when Wee G heads off to school), one of my Facebook pals posted a glowing recommendation. So now I'm thinking I might check it out for my own lunches.

Oh, and if you're looking for those "high end" caterers, there are a ton to check out - from Dish, Thyme & Again, new arrivals Essence Catering. And of course the many, many restaurants in the area who offer catering services as well.

Damn. Now I'm hungry.

Greetings from the Sound!

Miss Vicky Thu Aug 23, 2007

Miss Vicky here, signing in from an internet cafe in Parry Sound. It's not as convenient as the one I used to go to, right next to the laundromat. But it IS next to a pub, so all is not lost. We are enjoying our vacation so far. The water is still warm(ish), Winston is in doggy heaven (and chipmunks are afeared), the bugs are gone and the wood is dry. And we have one growler of Beau's left. What more can a girl ask for? Except maybe a DSL connection. But we don't even have a phone, so don't expect cottage blogging anytime soon, dear readers. See you in a week.

Kitchicoo Open House

Miss Vicky Fri Aug 17, 2007

We are holding an open house for families who might be interested in joining our co-op. Here's the notice:

Cooperative Daycare Open HouseThursday, August 23rd at 5:30 in Hintonburg Park
(Rain location: Bridgehead at 1277 Wellington)

New neighbourhood cooperative daycare has openings for a few more families - both full and part time spots available. The Kitchissippi Co-op is based on the model of the Le Jardin Co-op, whose goal is to provide an environment in which children will grow and thrive, and where the parents will be deeply involved and committed. All interested families are welcome to stop by on August 23rd to meet the families already involved and decide if this is a model that would work for them. The future daycare is located on Gladstone, between Fairmont and Parkdale.

RSVP to Abby Karos at ao_karos@yahoo.ca or 613-695-0730.

Miss Vicky and the Webgeek will be cottaging, but this will be a great opportunity to meet the other families and learn more.

What to do with the CSA Haul

Miss Vicky Tue Aug 14, 2007

So we have been really enjoying our half share from Teamwork CSA. There have been so many amazing veggies so far - wonderful spinach and chard, sweet purple and golden beets, new potatoes, carrots, crisp snap peas and plenty more. No regrets here... and we will have to think hard about whether we want a full or half share next year.

I thought I would share a salad I threw together at the cottage last time we were up. We pick up our veggies as we head out of town, so we have plenty of food once we get to Parry Sound (a good thing because food is pretty pricey there). Here's what we did with that week's share:

Sherbrooke Salad

Fresh tomatoes, chopped into small bite-sized pieces (we had small Roma tomatoes and these wonderfully sweet golden cherry tomatoes)
1 onion, chopped, including greens
1 cucumber, peeled and chopped
fresh cilantro, coarsely chopped (we had a lot, so we added a lot)

a couple of splashes of olive oil and white wine vinegar
generous dollops of goat cheese.
Chill in fridge and serve.

It's kinda greek-ish, kinda salsa-ish and incredibly yummy. Did it again at home this week and added a bit of sweet pepper, and used basil instead of cilantro. I prefer the bite of cilantro, but the basil was quite lovely, too.

Kitchicoo: Daycare update

Miss Vicky Sat Aug 11, 2007

Well the quest to get this daycare co-operative up and running continues. We've had ups and downs over the last couple of weeks. A couple of families have dropped out, mostly because the timing is right for them. So we are now looking to fill at least 1 full-time and 1 part-time slot.

But we have made progress in other ways. We've secured a space on Gladstone, with a wonderfully supportive landlord. Close to the library, Hintonburg Park and the community centre, it will work out really well, we think. So we have signed on the dotted line, put some money down and are moving ahead. We now have to furnish it and find someone special to work with us. We've started to advertise for a caregiver (spread the word, if you know anyone!), although we may have to play the role ourselves for the first couple of weeks. Fortunately I don't go back to work until September 24, so we have a bit of time to find the right person.

We'll be looking for cheap or free items to help fill the space. I think we have a line on a couch, but we'll also need shelving for storage, toys and books, kitchen items, highchairs or boosters, arts supplies and a stroller to accommodate multiple kids. So keep your eyes peeled, dear readers!

For now we're calling ourselves the Kitchissippi Co-op, or Kitchicoo for short. Cute, no?

Tonight: Opera in the 'hood

Miss Vicky Thu Aug 9, 2007

Puppet opera, that is! The Czeck theatre company, Docela Velke Divadlo, will perform Bizet's Carmen using one metre-high puppets. The performance starts this evening (Aug 9) at 7pm in Hintonburg Park, or inside the Community Centre if it rains. Bring your own blanket or lawn chairs. This is a FREE event!


Samba Night!

Miss Vicky Tue Aug 7, 2007

The annual Samba party in McCormick Park is tomorrow - Wednesday August 8. It starts at 7:30; the Samba drummers arrive at 7:45. This is always a fun event. Proceeds from the sale of cookies and refreshments will go to youth programming in the community.

Too darned hot

Miss Vicky Fri Aug 3, 2007

Miss Vicky does not handle the heat well. She gets cranky and consumes far too much beer and ice cream. She'll feel better when she gets to the cottage.

What are you doing to beat the heat?