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All In Hand

Upcoming Events

Miss Vicky Fri Sep 7, 2007

Lots of stuff coming up! I'll get right to it.

The GCTC is opening its brand new doors to the public for the first time. You can take a tour of the new building and welcome them to the 'hood on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, between noon and five. And you can pick up your season tickets, too! (Miss Vicky already has hers)

While you're there, head by the Parkdale Market for the Hintonburg Harvest Festival. As usual there are LOTS of activities for kids, not to mention the Apple Pie contest (get your entries in by 12:30). There will be horse and trolley rides, a BBQ, lots of games and more. Proceeds will go to the Somerset Street fire victims. The festivities start at 11 and run to 3pm.

This weekend and next is the West End Studio Tour. You can pick up a map and program pretty much anywhere in the neighbourhood, or start at Red Chair Kids, which is hosting the preview show.

On Tuesday, September 11, the West Wellington Community Association meets in room 112 at Fisher Park from 8-9pm.

See? lots to do! And I'm probably missing stuff.

Back in the swim of things

Miss Vicky Thu Sep 6, 2007

So I finally got back in the pool on Tuesday. Pregnancy, campaigning, adjusting to parenthood and a nutty thyroid have all kept me away from strenuous regular exercise for the last while. I know: excuses, excuses. The point is, I'm resolving to make a serious effort to get back to regular swimming.

I swim with the Ottawa Centre Masters, which trains at the Champagne Bath on King Edward. Practices are Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings. It's a new club, and small, which I enjoy. While I had a great time swimming with my former team, Technosport, I just can't do the early mornings right now. Plus OC Masters has a fairly laid-back vibe, in constrast with the intensity of Technosport. Laid back works for me right now.

I'm trying to decide whether to complement the swimming with some running. The Kitchissippi Times and Ottawa Fit is starting up a new running club in the 'hood. They'll be running out of Bushtuka on Sunday mornings - which conflicts with swimming, and hence my reluctance to sign on right away. But their program sounds pretty good - it offers a couple of different distance goals, groups for different levels, and supports one of my favourite charities, Sole Responsibility. What do you all think? Too much too soon? Should I stick to one activity or diversify?

Mayor Larry

Miss Vicky Wed Sep 5, 2007

I was gearing up for a rant on Mayor Larry's latest blunder, his desire to micromanage hiring in the city. But it seems Dr. Dawg has beaten me to the punch!

Bus routes we love to hate

Miss Vicky Tue Sep 4, 2007

Ottawa Citizen columnist and blogger David Reevely has announced the finalists for the City's Worst Bus Routes. In the running are 2 of Miss Vicky's not-so-favourite routes - the 2 and the 14. So hard to choose..... Voting is now taking place over at his blog, Greater Ottawa. Vote early, vote often!

A life to celebrate, a loss to mourn

Miss Vicky Tue Sep 4, 2007

I found out today that a good friend passed away suddenly in late August, while vacationing in Paris. Linda Sperling was an activist and organizer, originally from the US but but a longtime resident of Regina and Vancouver. I learned a lot from Linda while we worked together on issues relating to contract faculty. She was an inspiring colleague and a good friend and I will miss her.

From her obit: A committed feminist, an outstanding organizer and a shrewd, determined negotiator, she lifted people up, both with her own leadership and her remarkable ability to mentor and inspire her friends and fellow workers.

After completing university in Madison, Wis., Linda traveled widely before moving to Coquitlam Vancouver and Simon Fraser University in 1969. She later moved to Regina, Sask., where she found commenced her trade union work in 1977 with the Saskatchewan Government Employees Union. She led pathbreaking groundbreaking pay equity negotiations for hospital workers and clerical workers, . helping to achieve a 42 percent raise for women workers at the Sakatchewan Housing Corporation.

In 1984, she became Prairie representative for the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, where she again helped win important pay equity victories. She worked closely with nurses delivering health services in First Nations communities across Western Canada and the Northwest Territories. A critical incidents intervention policy she helped nurses establish in Manitoba First Nations communities is now used across Canada.

In 1991, she returned to BC to become a staff representative with the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators, where she negotiated many agreements and fought to improve the condition of part-time instructors, mainly women. She was a teacher herself, instructing for many years in the Capilano College Labour Studies Program.

Throughout her life, Linda linked her union work to the wider struggle for social justice in Canada and globally. She served on the board of Women’s and Children’s Hospital, in Vancouver, and the board of Co-Development Canada, a unique non-profit organization that works in partnership with community organizations in Latin America. After her retirement in 2006, she undertook work for CIDA as a gender equity specialist in China.


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