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All In Hand

Here you'll find the sum total of Miss Vicky's Remarks thus far.

Perplexing letters to landlords

Miss Vicky Wed Apr 30, 2008

Miss Vicky has been trying to get out a post about the recent burst of propaganda against harm reduction programs in Ottawa... but it just doesn't seem to be coming together as easily as she'd like. Good thing she's been getting lots of mail. Here's an interesting tidbit from a local landlord:

Dear Miss Vicky,

I received a registered letter saying I am in violation of the property standards bylaw. I am required to do corrective action as per the attached list. THERE IS NO ATTACHED LIST. I assume it is to paint out the graffiti painted on my garage door. While I am not a fan of graffiti I believe the city could have found a better way of notifying the public than to send them a registered letter threatening prosecution and heavy fines. Alienating the property owners from city hall and treating them like criminals is not going to help this situation.

A disturbing note, to be sure. Threats of fines and prosecution without actually having an idea of what property standard by-law was violated and how to rectify the situation?! Miss Vicky is all for enforcing property standards, but let's give the landlords a chance before getting out the pitchforks and torches, shall we?

The Sherbrooke Ave Garage Sale Challenge

Miss Vicky Tue Apr 29, 2008

So Sherbrooke's Fall street party was such a success that the street is rarin' to go now that the nice weather is here. We've decided to add a garage sale component to our Spring Fling plans. We're having a massive street sale the morning of Saturday May 31, then will be closing the street in the afternoon for food and fun.

We're so psyched about it, we've decided to issue a challenge to the rest of the neighbourhood - let's make the garage sale a Hintonburg-wide event! It won't take much organization - just get the word out to your neighbours, stick out a table the morning of Saturday, May 31, and there you go! And if you feel so inclined, start canvassing your block about holding a block party that day, too.

It'll be a great day to wander around, meet some folks in the 'hood and get some great deals to boot!

What do you say, Hintonburg? Are you in?

Champlain Park Ball Diamond to go?

Miss Vicky Fri Apr 25, 2008

There is a meeting on Tuesday April 29, 7pm at the Champlain Park fieldhouse, to consider the future of the 100-year-old ball diamond in the park. Apparently the Ottawa Internationals Soccer Club wants to remove it and replace it with a mini soccer field, to be used by their club 4 nights a week. City staff and the councillor will be present to hear your concerns; this will be the community's only chance to have input before they decide the future of your park.

According to Miss Vicky's correspondent, The question of the hour is what about the kids in the community, where do they hang out or play unorganized sports. What is wrong with the ball diamond? According to Scott Johnson of the city the 100 year old ball diamond does not meet city requirements. He has indicated the equipment and man him self is now capable of hitting the ball further into neighbouring homes. I reside across from the park beside my parents who have resided across from the park for the past 50 years, they nor I never had a ball come anywhere near the house. The city of Ottawa Park and recs dept. consider the park to be a level 3 and request when booking the park that a low flight ball be used for adult ball but were unaware of Scott Johnson's plan.

Once the ball diamond is removed where do kids or adults play ball.
I ask you to add your input into this issue.
I ask you to please attend the meeting Tuesday.

Important to note, this is not against kids playing soccer in the park, this is about leaving a diamond which will allow kids to play ball, football and soccer in the park.

Champlain park is about a park for a community not a park for a private soccer club to dominate.

Indeed. Miss Vicky might add that the residents have worked hard over the years to keep the park clean and tidy and it is a great asset to the neighbourhood. Surely that should count for something. Or will the Soccer Club now take on the annual Spring and Fall Clean up events?


Yay, justice!

Miss Vicky Thu Apr 24, 2008

A big huge ringing endorsement and word of thanks to the Ottawa Police Service and the guys at Larry's Pawn Shop for helping Miss Vicky recover her stolen stroller. After several conversations with the call centre, Doug Wilson (the officer currently assigned to the pawn shop beat) and Tim Senack of the community police centre, Miss Vicky got a call this morning to meet the OPS at Larry's to pick up the stroller. Apparently it was brought in by someone in February, shortly after it disappeared from the Finishing School's yard. And yep, it's ours - squirrel hole and damaged rain screen and everything. They know who brought it in and will be following up, but in the meantime I was able to take the stroller home.

Purloined stroller update

Miss Vicky Tue Apr 22, 2008

So our stolen stroller has surfaced at Larry's Pawn Shop. Squirrel hole and everything. Grrrr.

Yoga in Hintonburg

Miss Vicky Tue Apr 22, 2008

Miss Vicky received the following email today:

If you're interested in a great, CHEAP yoga class, there are some going on right now at the Hintonburg Community Centre (right across from Carbon Computing on Wellington). Specifically, there are openings available on Saturday mornings from 10-11:30. The cost is $49 from this upcoming Saturday until mid/end June, and the course can continue based on the season
and demand. You can find exact dates and more program schedules by calling the community centre at 613-798-8684.

The reason why I'm sending this around is that the Saturday class needs a few more people in order to reach their minimum amount to continue. It's a great environment, open to men, women, students, you name it! It's a relaxing, yet invigorating yoga class, and all experience levels are welcome as well. We have a lot a fun in our little class, and we'd love it if you joined us!

Give the centre a call if you're interested - how many people can say they can *walk* to their gym/yoga class?


Forget the interview - how can we erase the election?

Miss Vicky Wed Apr 16, 2008

Miss Vicky has been mulling over yesterday's shocking CBC piece about Mayor Larry's attempts to shut off a reporter's microphone in mid-interview. I know that by now nothing he does should be surprising, but it just seems to be getting worse and worse. And it seems he is passing on his knee-jerking tendencies to his offspring. , who not only posts bizarre comments on local blogs but mixes things up on various Mayor-oriented facebook groups (including the one started by the author of Apply Liberally).

Bob over at flacklife has done a great job laying out the Mayor's not-ready-for-prime-time behaviour over the last couple of years. Read it and weep, Ottawa.

Turning 40 Initiative - Update

Miss Vicky Tue Apr 15, 2008

So, it's been a while since I posted on the whole turning-40-thing. You may recall that I, along with some fellow 1968 babies, have resolved to do something fun and new at least once a month, extending our milestone celebration through the entire year. We have a few events under our belt now, and a lot of plans and ideas for the upcoming month.

In February we took off one weekday afternoon for several hours of relaxation at Le Nordik, Old Chelsea's Scandinavian spa. Actually, Miss Vicky has been to le Nordik twice so far this year, as she and the Webgeek headed up there for a romantic afternoon in January. It is a great way to get out of one's headspace for a while (and great for the skin to boot). Miss Vicky is particularly fond of the transition from steam room to cold waterfall to reading by the fire. So good.

In March, we visited the National Gallery to check out the Joe Fafard exhibit, followed by supper in the Market. The show was great - lots of cows, so we'll have to go back with WeeG so he can check it out.

This month, the focus has turned to another of our cadre of 40 year olds. Her birthday is tomorrow. She is a single mom of 5 and a generous and loving friend, not to mention a fabulous cook and amazing hostess. Over the last couple of months, a few dozen of her friends and admirers have conspired to give her what she needs most - a break. So we surprised her last weekend and whisked her away to Montreal. Miss Vicky is very proud of her fellow conspirators, as we collectively pulled off the kind of wonderful surprise that many of us secretly wish for. Here's how her weekend went (at least the parts we know about). On Friday morning, one of our crew showed up with a list of items to pack, and gave her 2 hours notice. She was assured the kids would be taken care of, to minimize the freaking-out possibilities. Later, 2 more friends arrived, hustled her and her bags into a car and drove off, saying nothing about the destination. She arrived at the Via Station and was presented with a first class ticket to Montreal and a gift basket full of good wishes, info and items for her weekend (wine, chocolate, bath salts, that sort of thing). Off she goes. In Montreal, she presents a sealed envelope to a cab driver, who takes her to a great boutique hotel (where, it turns out, is a place she has always longed to stay). The desk clerk waves away her credit card and gives her a key. She arrives in her room to find a new black satin cocktail dress, heels, bag and jewelry laid out on the bed, as well as a dinner invitation for the following night. The room has a jacuzzi tub, fireplace and pretty much anything you'd want for a private weekend retreat. The following night, she arrives at a trendy Montreal restaurant to discover 15 friends have made the trip from Ottawa to celebrate with her.

It was, in a word, awesome. She was positively glowing when she arrived at the restaurant (and it wasn't just the dress, which happened to fit perfectly, as did the shoes). Miss Vicky confesses to getting a bit teary at seeing her friend feeling so loved and appreciated. Definitely an evening to remember.

The next group event is the Ottawa Chamber Theatre production at the Elmdale, followed by some spelunking I think. Not in the same evening, of course... As for Miss Vicky's own personal goals for her 40th year, well, the triathlon training is proceeding fairly well. The running has been consistent - now it's time to get the bike out and get back in the pool.

So it begins....

Miss Vicky Mon Apr 14, 2008

Miss Vicky received the following notice, via the community association:

Notice of Temporary Road Closure
Wellington Street West Between Parkdale Avenue and Holland Avenue

Please be advised of the following temporary road closure in the City of Ottawa:

Duration: From April 14, 2008 to approximately June 14, 2008

Street Segment to be closed: Wellington Street West between Parkdale Avenue and Holland Avenue will be closed to through-traffic. On-street parking in this street segment will not be available. Parkdale Avenue will remain open through the intersection of Parkdale and Wellington. Wellington Street West will remain open east of this intersection. Holland Avenue will remain open through the intersection of Holland and Wellington. Wellington Street West will remain open west of this intersection.

Westbound Detour: North on Parkdale Avenue, west on Spencer Street, south on Holland Avenue to Wellington Street West

Eastbound Detour: North on Holland Avenue, east on Armstrong Street, south on Parkdale Avenue to Wellington Street West

Access to Businesses and Properties: Businesses will remain open as usual. Businesses and properties located between Parkdale and Holland can be accessed via side streets.

Pedestrian Provisions: Sidewalks along both sides of Wellington Street West to remain clear and open.

Westboro development frustrations

Miss Vicky Thu Apr 10, 2008

Hmm, we haven't had a good Westboro post for a while. There's a ton going on there, an it's keeping the recently-rejuvenated Community Association busy busy busy. From commenting on the future of the #2 to defending public greenspace to keeping a close watch on development, that community is just hoppin'.

The latest issue has to do with the recently-approved Westboro Community Design Plan - a document that is supposed to guide planning and development in the area, and the result of a couple years of work and consultation. Apparently a plan to develop 300 Richmond Road was recently rejected by the Committee of Adjustment... well, the "minor variance" they were applying for was rejected. The developer is appealing to the Ontario Municipal Board and the city has apparently decided not to participate in the hearings. Which basically means the CDP isn't worth the paper it's printed on. You can read more over at Andrea's place and the WCA blog.

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