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All In Hand

Great summer job in the 'burg

Miss Vicky Wed Jun 11, 2008

Here's a posting for a great job this summer. Interested students should definitely apply!

Arts and Heritage Researcher

Hintonburg is an older inner city neighbourhood which is presently undergoing many changes. The Hintonburg Community Association (HCA) has been working since 1991 to improve security in the neighbourhood, to improve the quality of new development and to enhance appreciation for the area’s heritage. In 2003 the HCA established the Quartier des artistes – Hintonburg Arts District (the QUAD). We have successfully supplemented the work of our volunteer committees in the past with summer students and hope to do the same this year. (see also this page for links to more information about the HCA)

requirements are below the fold:

Job requirements

* Two or more years of university or community college.
* High school graduates with some experience in the areas of historical research, writing or fundraising will be considered.
* English required, ability to speak, read and write French an asset.
* Regular progress reports and attendance at monthly HCA Board of Directors meetings will be required; such meetings may not be during standard business hours.


* Undertake research using sources such as assessment rolls, city directories, census records, insurance plans, visual records
* Prepare written documentation of this research
* Update the Hintonburg Walking Tour brochure and web page, including editing existing research
* Assemble a collection of images to support a potential wall mural project, following up on the identification of interested building owners by a previous student worker
* Work with Arts Committee and local design and marketing firms to move the QUAD branding strategy to the next stage
* Draft funding applications for arts and heritage projects

Salary: $8.75 an hour plus benefits for 30 hours a week; 7 weeks of work in total.
Start date: as soon as possible.
Employer: Hintonburg Community Association. This job is funded by the Summer Experience Program of the Ontario Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.
Training: provided.

see the HCA page for contact and application information


Kitchicoo Garage Sale Extravaganza

Miss Vicky Tue Jun 10, 2008

This Saturday (June 14)
14 Sherbrooke Avenue
8am to 1pm.

We have several families collaborating on this event, so there will be a lot of nifty items for sale! All proceeds will go to Kitchicoo Co-operative Daycare for equipment and sandbox expansion.

Father's Day Plans

Miss Vicky Tue Jun 10, 2008

Yes yes, we know it's Westfest this weekend, and we'll definitely be going, but anyone with a toddler knows that the real action on Father's Day is Mothercraft's Touch a Truck event! The fun takes place at Westgate Mall from 9am to 1pm. Admission is $5 per child (Dads and Moms free), with a max charge of $20. Proceeds go to Mothercraft.

Comings and Goings: the Taste of Wellington edition

Miss Vicky Sun Jun 8, 2008

Miss Vicky had a great time at Taste of Wellington West yesterday. She tried a few new spots, ran into lots of friends, and has a lovely stripe where she mis-applied her sunscreen to boot. There were a ton of people out, on both sides of Parkdale. Miss Vicky started at the easternmost point, at Beament Green, the law firm that has taken over the space that use to house Kardish's deli. They were selling hot dogs for a twonie to raise money for Causeway ... each dog came with 15 minutes of free legal advice. Miss Vicky chose to skip it, keeping her appetite for more exotic cuisine (she doesn't need any legal advice anyway... not right now). Next up, Patogh Persian Restaurant. Now here's a place Miss Vicky had not yet tried, despite her curiosity about any restaurant tucked in the back of what used to be a used car lot. They had a large range of dishes out for sampling - marinated barbecued boneless chicken, tasty minced lamb, a stew made with a sauce of walnut and pomegranate and a very tasty rice dessert. Nice folks, too - Miss Vicky will definitely be going back

It was great to see the women from Cozy's offering up burgers and dogs... and across the street at Levonian they were giving away cookies with origami shirts (pre-made or make-your-own). Canadian Organic Growers were handing out info by the new guerrilla garden space. Vina del Mar had empanadas and their corn dish (the name of which escapes Miss Vicky). She skipped Helen's (we eat there all the time) but stopped to listen to Still Dangerous, who were playing the blues outside the Elmdale House Tavern for the afternoon (heroic in all that heat!).

Unfortunately there was a large dead space between the Elmdale and Parkdale. Next year it would be nice to have something set up - activities or performance or maybe a caterer's cook-off.

The Emerald Bakery, which I am sure is having a rough time surviving the shut-down between Parkdale and Holland, had some great treats. Miss Vicky tried their chickpea curry, which was light but had a lovely spicy bite to it. The veggie pakoras were very nice, as was the rich and gooey chocolate cake. Also in the Parkdale-to-Holland dead zone is Absinthe and the Royal Oak. Absinthe had run out (!) and the Oak had a long lineups (as Miss Vicky is familiar with the cuisine at the Oak, and not particularly thrilled with it most of the time, she decided it was OK to skip).

Thyme & Again was offering two kinds of samples - a variety of jams and jellies, as well as bite-size pieces of cake. The lemon cake was luscious, and the Apricot-Habanero jelly a delight to Miss Vicky's tastebuds. Next stop: Diwali, the new Indian place that took the space over from the Roses... but they had just run out. Petit Bill's was serving the same Lobster Macaroni they served at Kitchissippi Kitchens (still tasty). The owner of Amate seemed a little shell-shocked. Miss Vicky suspects they may have run out of some samples but appreciated the fresh zingy salsa and chips nonetheless.

By this time it was 2pm... the event had been on for two hours. And many of the locations had run out of their samples or were scrambling to restock. The street was crowded - which is fantastic - and the atmosphere was positive despite the heat, construction and dust. But alas, Miss Vicky missed the ice cream at the Gastropub and the goodies at the Harvest Loaf.... there was quite a line for the smoked meat and salmon spread at the Bagel shop, not to mention Parma Ravioli. Up at Nicastro's they had bites of breaded chicken (Chicken parmesan, maybe?), and the Diner served chili and rice pudding (no, not together!). At this point Miss Vicky doubled back, picked up groceries at Saslove's and the Herb and Spice and finished off her day of tasting with HUGE medjool dates and crisp lebanese cucumbers at the Herb and Spice.

Perhaps the most tantalizing tidbit Miss Vicky picked up yesterday was a bit of news from Denise at Heavens to Betsy. They are moving from their current location just west of Holland to the middle of the 'burg - right next to Cyclelogik, on the corner of Stirling and Wellington. They will be able to offer an expanded jewelry selection, furniture and possibly clothing as well. Woo hoo!

Miss Vicky got other news about a new addition to the 'hood today, but will wait for a separate post to write about that. Let's just say it is something that appeals to Miss Vicky's retro aesthetic as well as her eco-sensitivities. Stay tuned.

So congrats to the new Wellington West BIA for a highly successful event. Miss Vicky is already looking forward to next year.

Wellington Oracle Debuts

Miss Vicky Sat Jun 7, 2008

Well, the Wellington Oracle, a new online publication of news, views and gossip about our 'hood, launched this week. There are already a couple of interesting tidbits, so check it out!

Bring your Perennials! Friday June 6

Miss Vicky Thu Jun 5, 2008

Well it looks like things are a go for some guerrilla gardening in the vacant lot beside the Victoria pharmacy. Well, not too guerrilla, really, because the HCA has permission from the owner, who has even thrown in a truckload of topsoil to get the party started! So yay for Jacques Trottier and the hard-working folks at the HCA!

The soil will be delivered tomorrow and interested gardeners and diggers are invited to show up at 6pm to help get things started. Bring your shovels! And Perennials! Children are encouraged, but the site is a bit rough so make sure they wear sturdy running shoes.

I don't think there is a set design for the space... it's all going to happen very organically and gradually, I suspect. Which is just fine. Miss Vicky will have some echinacea to donate, and probably some irises too, once they've finished blooming for this year. And some crazy wacky tall yellow things. Apparently the councillor's office is trying to secure some rocks and stones from local development sites, and they should show up in the next few days. It's all so exciting!

In other community garden news, the veggie plots at Laroche park are a tentative go. We may have to simply ready the plots this year for planting in the spring, but it should be a great site.

It's the Hydrants

Miss Vicky Thu Jun 5, 2008

The Citizen is reporting that the Wellington West public art award has gone to the 2 Almonte sculptors who propose a collection of stylized fire hydrants. Pics are available here.

Miss Vicky does not know what to say, really. She is disappointed that her pick wasn't selected. And she's even more disappointed that the chosen works are, well, not as dynamic and interactive as she would like to see - unless they've decided to tie dog and bike hitches to them, that is! She would love to hear from some jurors the rationale for picking this proposal over the other finalists. Anyone?

Say it ain't so, CBC!

Miss Vicky Thu Jun 5, 2008

You're canning the Hockey Night in Canada theme? A treasured national institution, hummed, sung and loved by so many? What the heck are you thinking?

h/t to Bob at Flacklife

Updated for liss76: the Facebook Group

Update later on: the story's been percolating all day and evening, in various media sources and blogs. Seems no final decisions have been made, or the parties involved have different interpretations of the state of negotiations. Bob's keeping track over at his place.

Why Miss Vicky's not too upset...

Miss Vicky Wed Jun 4, 2008

that Hillary Clinton didn't win the nomination. Much as she is disgusted at the sexism that dogged primary season in the US, and frustrated at the political glass ceiling that exists for women in North America, Miss Vicky just can't get enough of this:


Epicurean 'hood

Miss Vicky Tue Jun 3, 2008

OK, the Faithful Legion here know that Miss Vicky has a bit of a thing for good food.... so she is pretty pleased that Hintonburg and Wellington West have evolved into a real destination for foodies. And now everyone is starting to notice - there was a good piece in the Kitchissippi Times last week about the gastronomical phenomenon that the neighbourhood has become. Kitchissippi Kitchens, a fundraiser for Dovercourt programming, took place at Tom Brown Arena last night. And the new Wellington West BIA is organizing a "Taste of Wellington" this Saturday (something many have talked about doing for quite some time).

Kitchissippi Kitchens was a pretty good event - set up like the Wine and Food Show, you purchased tickets to redeem for food and beverage samples. There was a good range of offerings -from Wild Boar ribs from Thyme & Again to Tortilla Soup and stuffed Jalapenos from Amate to cupcakes from Three Bakers and a Bike (not to mention Session Ale from Heritage/Scotch Irish breweries and wine samplers from Groovy Grapes). Phil Powell from the Parkdale Market was handing out some yummy cream of asparagus soup. One disappointment was the glaring absence of anything east of Parkdale. But generally, it was a success, with a lot of people (and a couple of long lineups as a result). If it does become a regular event it would benefit from a larger venue, for sure.

A Taste of Wellington, which takes place this Saturday, invites people to explore the mainstreet by foot or bike, sampling culinary offerings from merchants and restaurants along the entire strip, from Island Park to Somerset. Look for the blue ribbons to signal places to stop. There are at least 30 places participating, so it promises to be an amazing day - the shuffle to beat all Wellington Shuffles!

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