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All In Hand

Volunteers needed

Miss Vicky Fri Jul 4, 2008

The annual Hintonburg 5K Run/Walktakes place on July 13. It's a great community event and Miss Vicky is looking forward to running this year.

The organizers are looking for some help to make the day as successful as last year's inaugural run. According to Nat,
It's light lifting, basically from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m. as course marshalls to make sure all our runners are safe. Interested folks can email me (Natalie.hanson @ gmail.com) or Jeff at jeff.leiper @ gmail.com.)

Miss Vicky, the Webgeek and WeeG were course marshalls last year. It's an easy job - hang out at an intersection and make sure cars don't go barreling through the runners. And make sure you come by the Parkdale Market at the end of the race for a slice of Newswest's 30th anniversary cake!


Many Happy Returns

Miss Vicky Fri Jul 4, 2008

A reader writes:

So, Miss Vicky, if I've heard correctly, a person returning the empty bottles of Beau's to the Beer Store will get 20 cents per empty, but a person who lugs the lug tread bottles all the way back to Vankleek Hill will get $2 per bottle. Is this correct? If so, is it not time to organize a return co-op? Somebody could collect and return a bunch of empties for a lot of people, and in return keep a portion of the larger deposit. What do you think?

Indeed, you are correct. The fine folks at Beau's will pony up $2 for every ceramic Lug Tread bottle you return to the brewery in Vankleek Hill. If you have enough, it is definitely worth the drive. Plus you get to visit the brewery, meet some of the fine folks involved, and perhaps sample their new Festivale brew (if you missed it at the Jazz Fest, as we did).

And yes, it may just be time to pool our resources and organize an expedition. Those empties are starting to take up a lot of room in our basement. So Miss Vicky will make this offer: anyone interested in participating in a collective bottle return should contact us here at Offhand Remarks and we will get something organized.

Bike Nabbed!

Miss Vicky Thu Jul 3, 2008

Andrea S writes:

Dear Miss Vicky,

So, I am in the middle of organizing a great big art bike and bike art show at Cyclelogik, right? Because I love bikes, and coffee and our neighbourhood and art. And my own bike.

I am SO in love with my 1960s Turquoise Road King bicycle, that I want to show it to one of the artists who is dropping off their work to me to hang in the show. I bring her around the side of my house, where I usually keep it, and I cannot find it. I is not anywhere. It has been swiped. It wasn't locked up because I had fallen in to the bad habit of getting enough unstolen days under my belt to believe it wouldn't happen. Then it did.

I am so sad. It seems a bit kharmically unfair.

Will you help me get the word out to keep the neighbourhood on the look out for my beautiful turquoise Road King?

That just sucks! Consider the word out, Andrea! Surely someone in the 'hood has seen this fabulous bike! Anyone? (Miss Vicky has already advised Andrea to check the local pawn shops, since that's where her stroller ended up when it went on the lam in the wintertime).

In the mean time, the Revolutionary Art show at Cyclelogik starts tomorrown night!

questions, questions

Miss Vicky Wed Jul 2, 2008

So the For Lease sign at the old Money Mart is down. Anyone have any scuttlebutt to share?

Happy Canada Day!

Miss Vicky Tue Jul 1, 2008


WeeG wasn't too sure about getting close to the Musical Ride horses. This was as close as we got to any of the stuff happening on the Hill. The crowds drove us back and we high-tailed it to Major's Hill Park.

Where WeeG enjoyed his first Via Train ride:


And then back home on the bus :
Citybus! just in time for afternoon nap... Happy Canada Day, everyone!

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