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All In Hand

Here you'll find the sum total of Miss Vicky's Remarks thus far.

Debate: Macleans Liveblog

Miss Vicky Mon Sep 29, 2008

So Kady O'Malley from Macleans liveblogged last night's Ottawa Centre All-Candidates' Forum. Miss Vicky appreciates this very much, since having a 2 year old makes it difficult to attend evening events like this!

Most entertaining was O'Malley's description of Conservative candidate Brian McGarry's stunning incapacity to read the crowd:

7:41:42 PM
Holy crap, there is a line of questioners that is, quite literally, out the door - and at the head right now is a gorgeous, and righteously outraged woman who is eviscerating McGarry over the cuts to arts funding. McGarry reminds her that - oh, man that was really bad - he reminded her that under the Conservative plan, she can take time off to have a baby, and be covered by maternity leave. Her lip curls, and her eyebrow goes up; the room titters at the exquisite inappropriateness of his response. Yes, the young, independent artist and entrepreneur really wanted to hear that she can get help from the government if she has a baby, and wants to stay home for a year to take care of it. (AFTERNOTE: He also points out that she would be eligible for employment insurance, which, I’m sure, is just what an idealistic young artist wants to hear.)

Akpata, on the other hand, congratulates her for being an artist, praises the Canada Council, and just generally gives a barnstormer of a response. He even gets off a crowdpleaser line about the newly approved porn channel. Penny Collenette pokes her head into the audience-Akpata love-in to remind everyone that the Liberals would double funding for the Canada Council.

Oh, and then McGarry tries to do damage control by shaking his fist at the crowd and reminding them that not all artists grub for money from the government.

Wow. This guy - wow. I’m kind of stunned by how politically tone deaf he seems to be. When the Marijuana Party candidate is killing you on audience reaction, you have a serious problem reading the crowd.

Yikes. Thanks, Kady, for the laughs and the info.

Attention Knitters!

Miss Vicky Sun Sep 28, 2008

Finally, a confirmation about the new tenant in the former location of the Money Mart - Wabi Sabi will be a resource, workshop and studio space for knitting, spinning and weaving. Looks like they'll be offering some great classes - from an intro to knitting to classes for men to learning how to make felt animals to weaving, dyeing yarn and more. So it looks like Hintonburg can add fibre arts to its repertoire of creative spaces. So cool!

Thanks to the Carleton Tavern Stitch and Bitch crew for the info!


Ottawa Centre Debate

Miss Vicky Fri Sep 26, 2008

The Kitchissippi community associations have once again banded together to organize an all-candidates' debate for the upcoming Federal Election. Here are the details:

Ottawa Centre Federal Election Candidates Forum

Sunday September 28, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.
Churchill Recreation Centre, 345 Richmond Road (entrance off of Churchill Avenue, just north of Richmond Road)

The forum will be moderated by Rita Celli, host of CBC Radio One, 91.5 FM’s “Ontario Today.” Seating is limited, so please arrive early! Doors open at 6:30 p.m.


Hintonburg AGM tonight!

Miss Vicky Wed Sep 24, 2008

The Hintonburg Community Association's Annual General meeting is TONIGHT at the community centre, 1064 Wellington Street. Doors open at 6:30 and the meeting starts at 7. The agenda is pretty simple - reports from last year's board, elections for this year's board, and then an open forum. This is a great time to get involved in your community association, and they are always looking for new board members or committee members!

Beau's Bottle Solution

Miss Vicky Mon Sep 22, 2008

Finally... a solution that will save loyal Lug Tread drinkers time and gas money. The following went out to the Beau's Army facebook group this morning:

Great News everybody...we've found an awesome solution to our bottle return issue (the Beer Store won't give them back to us).

We've partnered with Operation Go Home, an Ottawa based youth shelter, to get the bottles back to us.

Starting Nov 1 we will hold a monthly bottle drive on the first Sat of the month at various places in the city. The project will employ up to 8 street youth at a time with the plan to have them 'graduate' out of the program on a regular basis, so that over the course of the year, literally dozens of unemployed street youth will gain employment experience and confidence and hopefully get off the street.

As part of the project, we are hoping to set up permanent bottle return depots in the city...this is where I need your help. We are looking for places that can temporarily hold bottles. If you have a business that has the space and want to help with this project, please email me at steve @ beaus.ca or call me at 866-585-2337. This is very exciting news and it is great to turn a problem into a real win-win situation

In other Beau's news, a few of the staff at the brewery have formed a band - the OhYeahs, of course - and they'll be playing their first Ottawa gig this Saturday at the Elmdale. Hope to see you there!

Hintonburg Supper Club!

Miss Vicky Wed Sep 17, 2008

Miss Vicky has been remiss in not posting about the revival of the Hintonburg Supper Club. Here's a great way to get to know some of your neighbours, sample the local fare, and support some of our amazing small businesses to boot! The first event is this Saturday at The Foolish Chicken, 79 Holland Avenue, between Wellington and Scott. Miss Vicky, the Webgeek and WeeG are great fans of the Foolish Chicken, as the chicken-and-ribs menu is safe for WeeG's food allergies. WeeG is in love with the sweet potato fries. And of course, they serve Beau's Lug Tread (the unofficial Beer of Hintonburg) on tap! The only drawback - it's really a place for carnivores. Not much on the menu for vegetarians.

If you'd like to go, send an email TODAY to the HCA are interested in attending, or have any questions, send an e-mail to supper@hintonburg.com Reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Marion Dewar

Miss Vicky Mon Sep 15, 2008

I have just learned that Marion Dewar passed away this morning. My heart goes out Paul and the rest of her children and grandchildren, and the many, many people who knew and loved her. She was an amazing mentor and a good friend and I will miss her very, very much.

Updated with a lovely tribute by fellow Ottawa Witness Group member Dr Dawg

Preschool Program needs help!

Miss Vicky Sat Sep 13, 2008

Miss Vicky received the following plea yesterday. While Wee G is too young for the programs, hopefully some of the Faithful Legion will be interested in signing up and making sure these programs continue:

Dear Miss Vicky,
We registered my daughter in the Little Rascals and Sporty Kid programs at Hintonburg Community Centre. They are preshool programs that run Mon, Wed, Fri mornings (you can sign up for just one, two or all three days if you like). This program was full last year. The director is very popular and well liked. For some reason, enrollment was extremely low this year and now they are thinking of cancelling all three day programs, much to our disappointment. I can't tell you how excited my daughter is about this. She'll be pretty crushed if she can't go. So... Do you know anyone who might be interested in joining? It was supposed to start September 15th. I've talked to Hintonburg community center and they will wait until end of next week before cancelling so I hoping to find four more interested families to keep this alive! Even if we keep one of the days, that's better than none! It is a very affordable program too. Here are the details for singing up through the City of Ottawa (or call Mike at the Hintonburg community centre 798-8874):

Lil ‘ Rascals
Drop off program for preschool children.
Hintonburg C.C. – 613-798-8874
3-5 yrs Mon 9:15-11:15 am
Sep 15-Dec 8 $107 366482
Jan 12-Mar 9 $71.50 366572

3-5 yrs Wed 9:15-11:15 am
Sep 17-Dec 10 $116 366497
Jan 14-Mar 11 $80.50 366599

Sporty Kids
A fun time for sporty kids! Children participate in active games, sports and more!
Hintonburg C.C. – 613-798-8874
3-5 yrs Fri 9:15-11:15 am
Sep 19-Dec 12 $107 366671
Jan 16-Mar 27 $80.50 364025

Here's the City Recreation Guide


Rabble Election Blog: Child care

Miss Vicky Fri Sep 12, 2008

Crossposted from rabble.ca's election blog.

Child Care: The Missing Economic Issue

Lots of talk about the economy so far this election. This is not altogether a bad thing, but what I’m going to be looking for is some real commitment to the one issue that keeps me participating in the economy: child care.

I always knew that having a kid would change my life. I just never imagined how all-consuming, frustrating and stressful it would be to find good child care in my neighbourhood once my parental leave was up. I dutifully put my son’s name on Ottawa’s centralized waiting list for child care once he was born, but was shocked to learn how few child care centres there were in my immediate area…and how few accepted infants younger than 18 months. When I learned that the wait list was a few thousand families long, I decided to look for alternatives.

There are some great child care centres out there…. if you can get into them. There are some wonderful, caring home child care providers as well… if you can find them. But when it comes right down to it, Canada’s child care system is a mess. And any family looking at options for returning to work is always already at a disadvantage. Because we have no federal legislation, no real pan-Canadian, provincial, or even municipal plan or system-wide approach, families are left to sort through the patchwork of options - public, private, licenced, unlicenced, for-profit, non-profit - with nothing to go on but gut instinct, dumb luck and perseverance.

Click here for the rest of the post!

Weekend Fun

Miss Vicky Fri Sep 12, 2008

Big weekend coming up!

Tonight and tomorrow night, the area galleries are hosting a Gallery Hop. Between 6:30 and 9:30 both nights, the Cube Gallery (7 Hamilton Avenue North), the Lorraine Fritzi Yale Gallery (1227 Wellington Street West), Gallery 3 (1281b Wellington Street West), Patrick John Mills Gallery (286 Hinchey Avenue) and the Parkdale Gallery (229 Armstrong Street) will all be open and hopping. And yes! There will be refreshments! This is a great excuse to check out some of our great local gallery space.

Tomorrow (Saturday, September 13) is the Hintonburg Harvest Festival. The fun takes place at Parkdale Park, right behind the Market. In addition to the usual kids' activities, trolley rides and the annual bake-off (Apple Pie this year, bakers!), there are some great bands lined up: Maria Hawkins, The Woodrunners, Uyen Vo (the 2006 Vietnamese Idol), quirky punk-pop rising star Eastborough, and, of course, the Herb Girls. The fun starts at 11. Music starts at 1. Get yer apple pies in to the judges by 12:30.

Later that afternoon, Ecology Ottawa is hosting a BBQ over in the Glebe. Yes, I know, not in the 'hood, but definitely a cause and a group worth supporting. The event takes place between 2 and 5 in Central Park, and will feature vegetarian BBQ, a bake sale, great live "unplugged" music, cob (clay) art activities for children, and more. The event will occur rain or shine.


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