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All In Hand

Monday Supper Club: Khatoon

Miss Vicky Fri Oct 17, 2008

If you haven't had a chance to try Khatoon's amazing Persian food, now's your chance. The Hintonburg Supper Club will be gathering there on October 20. Email supper@hintonburg.ca if you want to join the crew - there's only space for 18 at Khatoon! But it is fresh and tasty and worth it!

Oh, vegetarians and vegans be warned - the menu is very meat-oriented.

3am Rabble Election Blog

Miss Vicky Wed Oct 15, 2008

Miss Vicky had a late night doing stats for Equal Voice... and an early morning when G awoke at 6:30. Sigh. Anyway, here's my 3am post to Rabble's election blog:

Not what I'd call a breakthrough

Well, it’s 3:30am and I am finally putting aside my spreadsheet for the night. I’ve been tracking the numbers of women elected and here’s the scoop:

68 women total - 22%. A whopping percentage point up from last year. Not what I’d call a breakthrough, although this is the first time we have moved up from the 21% we’d been stuck at for some time.

Ironically, the Conservatives are the only party to have elected more women in 2008. They are up to 23 women - an increase of 9. Nevertheless, at 16% their caucus still has less women than the national average.

The New Democrats held their total of 12 women, but lost two women MPs, Peggy Nash and Catherine Bell. Since their caucus is larger, they are down to 38% women from the previous high of 41% - still the best representation within a caucus in this Parliament.

Not so much good news for the Liberals. Despite the fact that they ran more women than the other parties, they only elected 18, down 3 from the last election.

As for the Bloc, they too are down, although their 15 women MPs make up 30% of their new caucus.

Not a rosy picture overall. More women, but less voices for women’s equality. We have our work cut out for us, sisters!


Comings and Goings: Flexible Edition

Miss Vicky Sat Oct 11, 2008

Lots happening! A new yoga studio has opened up on Armstrong. Prana Shanti offers a wide range of classes and workshops (free this weekend!). Yoga really seems to be taking off in the neighbourhood - with this space and Windhorse in Wellington Village, classes at the community centre, and other little places like Patrick John Mills' gallery on Hinchey. I'm feeling more flexible and relaxed already!

Wabi Sabi, our new fibre art store and studio, is open for business. To mark the occasion, guerrilla knitters wrapped the 'burg in wool on Thursday night. Poles, posts, garbage bins and assorted urban structures were covered in coziness (you can still see plenty of their handiwork along Wellington in the blocks surrounding the store). Classes will be underway shortly, so check it out!

You'll notice something missing from the mainstreet as well. The owners of the Elmdale Tavern have been working diligently to have the billboard removed from their property. Took a lot of effort - despite the fact that they received NO BENEFITS from the presence of the advertising ugliness along the side of their building, it was remarkably difficult to get the company to get rid of it. Anyway, score one for the forces of good urban design! Go Nat and Bruce!

Speaking of good urban design, kudos to Dawn and Denise at Heavens to Betsy for the fabulous mural they've installed on the side of their new store. One of the artists is Denise's son... maybe some other businesses along the main street can put this talented fellow to work (hint hint). There are plenty of spaces along the strip that are crying out for some colour, don't you think?

Speaking of Heavens to Betsy, they will soon be offering fresh pastries along with their fun and funky treasures. Miss Vicky is looking forward to sampling pastry chef Nigel's specialties.

In other news, the next Hintonburg Supper Club will take place at Khatoon restaurant (mmmmm persian food) on October 20. Email supper@hintonburg.ca if you want to join the crew - there's only space for 18 at Khatoon! Sure is tasty though!

Speaking of tasty, Amate has expanded their seating so more folks can enjoy their fabulous Mexican fare. Nearby, the Weekend Reader has been replaced by Legends, a used record store. Over by Fil's diner, there's an "eclectic imports" shop opening soon.

And in the rumours-needing-to-be-confirmed department, one of Miss Vicky's Faithful Legion has heard that an artisan bakery is moving into the building which formerly housed Ottawa Neighbourhood Services, in the location now hosting the restaurant supply store. Can anyone provide more insight and info?

New Rabble Post

Miss Vicky Thu Oct 9, 2008

On Fear, Cynicism and Politics on the 'Net

The other night a friend of mine got a call from a Liberal campaign office (according to his call display, that is). He was screening and didn’t want to talk to them, so he didn’t pick up. The caller left a voice mail identifying himself as a voter in a neighbouring riding (not a Liberal campaign worker); he’d heard that my friend was frustrated that his NDP vote might not make a difference in his riding, and suggested they both visit the advance polls that evening - he’d vote for the incumbent NDP candidate in his riding and my friend could vote for the Liberal candidate and help stop the scary Conservative incumbent where he lives. The caller left his cell and asked him to call back.

My friend, who I guess hadn’t heard of the vote-swapping schemes currently circulating the internet, calls it “a new low”. To me, it’s just another of the many cynical and desperate tactics that have shaped this election.

Click here for the rest of the post on rabble.ca's election blog

Family fun at the Carleton: Oct 26

Miss Vicky Wed Oct 8, 2008

Miss Vicky received the following notice today:

The second annual Herb Girl Family Funtastic Halloween concert is here!

Bring the kids, the partners, the mamas, the papas, the grandkids and the grandfolks too

Sunday October 26th
11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
(lots of time to nap before & after)

In true Hintonburg style we are performing at where else but The Carleton Tavern
223 Armstrong Ave (right by the Parkdale Market)
$5.00 per person, $10.00-$20.00 per family (sliding scale)
dress up if you like, dress down if you choose!
questions please email us at herbgirls @ rogers.com

thanks parsley, sage, rosemary and never-on-thyme

See you there!

Monday: Un-Subsidized Arts Gala

Miss Vicky Sat Oct 4, 2008

Here's an election event that is not to be missed:

Monday Oct. 6

The Un-Conservative, Un-Subsidized Arts Gala.
A swanky evening in the Nation’s capital.
This event is Free !
Subsidized by the rich art folks at Cube Gallery.

Gala Schedule:

3pm: Visual Arts Parade for the media. WE MEAN VIZ baby! Bring your best protest sign, costume, song, dance or agit prop theatre – lets show the media we care! Gather in front of the Cube Gallery for a short walk through Ottawa’s New West End Arts District.

7 pm: Doors open to the Gala –Dress is formal “Break Out Your Sunday Best!” Rent a Tux or steal a Gown – You gotta look good to get into a proper Gala. Pre-show multi media event –You Tubes best arts and culture messages up on the big screen. What link can you bring to this event? A Non-Alcoholic Host bar and fine hors d'oeuvres will be served.

8pm: Open stage and Cabaret: Come out and have your say! Send a message to Stephen Harper that Canadian art and culture has value and resonates with regular Canadians. We want you to bring us your visual art, agit prop theatre, costumes, poetry, dance, music – you bring it to the Cabaret we will listen! If you are interested in performing or adding visuals to this event Please call 613 728 1750 or email at: info@donmonet.ca So we can schedule you in.

“If there is no dancing at the revolution, I'm not coming!”

Emma Goldman 1931 (Interred at Toronto’s Necropolis)


Guest Blog: Clive Doucet on Clean Air

Miss Vicky Thu Oct 2, 2008

Councillor Clive Doucet held a Clean Air summit at the GCTC last week. Sadly, Miss Vicky was not able to attend, so she asked Councillor Doucet to send along a blog entry on the event. He was happy to oblige, and here it is:

Ottawa held its first air quality summit at the Great Canadian Theatre last week. I learned a great deal from the interventions of an informed audience and a highly qualified panel. Much of what I learned wasn’t welcome news. For example, diesel emissions are the dirtiest, most dangerous emissions in the urban environment because the particulates that diesel engines emit are smaller than 2.5 microns. Our lungs cannot filter out material smaller than 2.5 microns so the diesel microscopic toxic material is inhaled directly into our blood stream where it speeds up the formation of plaque and the toughening of the arterial system and the cascade of health problems this always engenders.

The heart and stroke foundation presenter made it crystal clear that there is a direct relationship between declining air quality and increasing morbidity from cardiovascular events. (You can find the heart and stroke presentation on my website)

I also learned from Dr. Kovesi, a respirologist from CHEO that air pollution is an independent and impossible to control trigger for asthma and other respiratory ailments. By independent, Dr. Kovesi meant that no amount of personal exercise, healthy eating or personal lifestyle changes can protect the body’s biology from bad air. In other words, the very healthy as well as those who are very young or old are all compromised by bad air. It happens more quickly and more powerfully in the young because their lungs are not fully developed and they breathe through the mouth more than the nose, and to the elderly because their arterial systems are stiffening but poor air quality degrades the health of everyone.

The third and final most useful thing, I learned or should say was reinforced by the Summit was that air quality is not just a city issue or city centre issue. It affects rural and suburban areas equally. The microscopic nature of diesel particulate for example can blow from China to Canada from southern Ontario to New Brunswick. In fact, New Brunswick, one of Canada’s most rural provinces because it is down wind of industrial Canada often has worse air and New Brunswick school boards have developed a health protocol for children for dealing with bad air days.

The good news is that we came out of the meeting with a determination to form an Ottawa Clean Air Alliance with members represented from across the city who are prepared to work for a series of important changes to improve the air quality of our region. Some of those initiatives include funding air quality monitors in the next budget so that local hot spots can be identified and arguing for clean electric rail now, not more buses and more roads as the current transit plan proposes.

Glad to hear that a Clean Air Alliance has formed. Miss Vicky will post more info on how to get involved as soon as it comes her way....

Thinking of voting strategically?

Miss Vicky Wed Oct 1, 2008

Have a read over at punditsguide, a site that has become indispensable to political geeks and armchair campaigners everywhere.

Here's a sample:

I am sorry to say this, but people who claim to be "voting for the environment" are spending more time poring over past voting statistics (as prepackaged and interpreted for them by others) and daily rolling-polls, than they are actually spending poring over the environmental platforms and proposals of the political parties they are considering voting for. In the Skinnerian world of electoral mandates, these voters are unfortunately and unwittingly rewarding cynically manipulative electoral strategies, rather than thoughtful platform development, in our politicians. And afterwards they'll be more disappointed than ever.

File this in the category of "posts Miss Vicky wishes she'd written".

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