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All In Hand

We Voted For It

Miss Vicky Fri Dec 5, 2008



Miss Vicky Fri Dec 5, 2008

Miss Vicky is trying to keep abreast of the budget deliberations underway at City Hall. Looks like Council has approved the police budget wihtout any serious criticism or questioning. Again. That's 0.7% on to your tax bill, folks. Wonder what they're going to cut in its place?

Rally to Make Parliament Work, Thursday

Miss Vicky Tue Dec 2, 2008

It's been difficult to keep abreast of new developments over the last week, much less blog about them. It's also quite stunning, the way the Harper government seems to be unraveling. After all, they sealed their fate with that ridiculous and provocative fiscal update last week - there was something for everyone to hate in that thing, so what exactly did they expect the opposition parties to do?

So, Harper's getting his comeuppance for pretending he doesn't have a minority government... finally. But with all the twists and turns over the last few days, one can only expect that a few more are on their way. Who knows what the situation will be a week from now... or a month from now... or six.

As fascinating as the Hill is these days, the discourse outside the Queensway is just as fascinating. Maybe not in a good way - I am actually quite appalled at how little folks seem to understand about how our parliamentary democracy works. And how much traction the Conservatives' spin about "power grabs" or "coup d'etats" seems to have. Look folks, we don't elect a government in Canada. Or a Prime Minister. We elect a Parliament and the composition of the seats determines who forms government. Sure, Canada doesn't have much experience with formal coalitions, but the fact is that when no party forms a majority in the House, then they HAVE to cooperate to keep things going. If the governing party doesn't want to cooperate, well, then we have a problem. So rather than play electoral chicken with the Conservatives for vote after vote, it only makes sense for the other parties to seek some way of achieving some stability in Parliament.

Conservative claims that the Liberal/NDP coalition would "overturn" the results of the recent election are simply unfounded. The election gave no party a majority, and if the Conservatives don't have the confidence of the House, then the Governor General is well within her rights to determine whether another functional government is possible within the existing Parliament. The accord between the three other parties clearly shows that it is. Seems to me a fellow whose party received less than 35% of the vote should not be quibbling about who has a mandate to govern... but that's another point altogether.

See you on the Hill on Thursday!


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