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I'm All Thumbs

Miss Vicky was born in Kingston, Ontario, in a year she'd rather not share right now. As her parents alternated between higher education and military service, and her own education and working life has resulted in several interprovincial transitions, Miss Vicky's been lucky enough to spend time in a good portion of our lovely country - from the east coast to the west, and a few parts in between. Her formative years were spent in Winnipeg.

But every gal feels a hankerin' to put some roots down - even Miss Vicky. She's now mortgaged and settled in Ottawa, in a thriving downtownish neighbourhood. She has shared her Finishing School for Wayward Activists with several fine, progressive folks as they have settled in to life in the Nation's Capital (she knows it can be an awkward transition, and is only too happy to help).

Miss Vicky has a pesky sense of social justice and a drive to get involved in her community. She has a degree or two and is not afraid to use them. But she has a softer side, as well (really!), a penchant for perennials, mid-century design, Chuck Jones, Brazilian jazz and Irish literature. Stick around this site and you just might find out more....

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