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Policing in Kitchissippi

Wed Jun 8, 2005 Miss Vicky 

The Police Services Board held a meeting in the 'hood on Monday, to address community questions and concerns about policing in our ward.

Not surprisingly, it was very well attended - a crowd of about 100, I'd say (enough to require extra chairs). Most of the folks were from the immediate area, Hintonburg and Mechanicsville. There were a lot of familiar faces from community association events. There were some there from Westboro as well, plus a couple of live wires from neighbouring Bay Ward who seem to like surfing PSB meetings.

The first half of the meeting was an extended report from the police - an introduction to the structure of police services in the ward, the chain of command, different units, and the key players. We heard a bit about crime statistics in the area. Their map shows the highest concentration in calls in Hintonburg. This is not necessarily a reflection on the amount of criminal activity in our neighbourhood vs others, they say, but a resut of the effort they have put into special projects in the area, the number of calls coming in from people in the community, etc. Indeed, "call the police if you see anything" has been the mantra of the HCA's security committee for some time, and last summer's activity in the area has resulted in a lot of attention on our 'hood on the part of the police as well as heightened vigilance on the part of neighbours.

Here are some of the stats:

35% of calls for service in the ward come from Hintonburg
10% are in the Civic hospital area
10% are in Westboro

There were 18,073 calls in 2004

Average response time: 8.7 minutes for priority 1 calls (emergencies, casualties, etc), 23.4 minutes for priority 2 calls

16 crack houses have been shut down since last summer (which some folks in the 'hood call "the summer from hell")

Priorites for this summer in Hintonburg:
Traffic enforcement
"problem properties"
youth issues
increased visibility for police in the community

Priorities for West Division (the part of the ward west of Island Park):
traffic/road safety
stolen vehicle/shoplifting

The police representatives described Project Angle Iron, a multi-unit effort to deal with crack in the community. They've seized $65 k in drugs, $20k in currency and laid various charges.

The offshoot, however, according to the police, is that the problems have been dispersed but not necessarily dealt with.

There was a lot of discussion, both from police and then from citizen interventions after the presentation, about the Hintonburg Safety Partnership. This involves police, city staff (from various parts of Community and Protective Services, including fire, health, bylaw, property standards, among others) and representatives from the community. The idea is to set objectives and solve problems, and they talk about getting to the "root causes" of problems. Their first goal: "through the cooperation of problem owners/managers, achieve a reduction of problem properties from 12-15 to 6-8 within 12 months".

We also heard about a separate initiative, a Task Force on problem addresses, which is "more reactive" and develops strategies to deal with specific properties.

By "problem properties", they seem to mean crack houses, although I haven't seen a comprehensive definition yet. I'll try and get one, since I know a few of you have asked.

When the floor was opened for comments, we heard a lot of thanks and congratulations for both community and police efforts, a lot of talk about last year's walkabouts , and calls for vigilance.

Unfortunately, Tim Armour's point about how the problem has been dispersed but not dealt with got a little lost in all the warm fuzziness. I'm all over feeling good about getting stuff done, but if we're simply moving the problem elsewhere, then we're not really dealing with it, are we? And while I know the folks who organized the walkouts do not want their efforts to be interpreted as "NIMBY", this may in fact be the result.

I admit that I wasn't affected by the "summer from hell" in the way that some folks in the community were, and I don't have a sense of what it's like to live next door to a problem property. I can only imagine how difficult it was - the emotion on the walks and at the meeting is a testament to that. I admire the activists' energy and the way this has brought some neighbours together. I just hope that, now that attention is being paid to the problem and partnerships between the community, the city and the police are starting to yield some results, we can expand the discussion beyond the issue of problem properties. Bad/absentee landlords rarely experience conversion, and bad tenants simply find somewhere else to live... and the serious problems of addiction, poverty and underfunded social services remain.

I asked the same question I put to the police at the earlier Hintonburg "hug a cop" meeting - are they going to extend the Safety Partnership to include representatives from social service agencies, poverty groups, addiction programs and the like, so we can address some of the causes of our communities' challenges? I was assured that this was on the agenda for the next meeting, so I look forward to hearing more about this. PSB Chair Herb Kreling talked a bit about the city's new integrated drug strategy, kind of glossing over my point that this initiative is a perfect opportunity to try that out. I was gratified when the administrator for the Rosemount Seniors Centre echoed my point about the need for social services.

It wasn't all Hintonburg and crack houses, of course. The head of the Westboro BIA got up to talk about the problems they're having with vandalism and graffiti, and there were some hard-hitting comments from a Beverly St. resident about the lack of traffic enforcement on the streets around Westmount. Longtime Hintonburg community leader Linda Hoad made an excellent intervention about the city's new Drug Court, a federal initiative modeled on successful efforts in other cities. She also talked about the negative impacts of city budget cuts on the "look and feel" of our community.

I'm guessing Hampton Park's meeting last night about changes to the Queensway were a little more rowdy. Westmount may be OK with expropriation, but the Hampton Park folks sure don't want to lose their greenspace!

Some people were moved to reply

amckay Jun 8, 2005 03:55 PM said:

I'm glad to hear traffic safety is a priority. This gives me another angle to have something done about the dipwad at the end of the street who smokes by on his motorbike at 70 or 80 clicks, so loud that it wakes us up at all hours. This on a street 1 block long.

A buddy told me to call police and tell them I think judging by the loudness that he's using a modified muffler, and that this will almost certainly be investigated by police. If he is using a non-standard muffler it's a $400 fine!

Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar Jun 8, 2005 04:15 PM said:

Report from "elsewhere":

There has been a noticeable increase in drug and prostitution related problems in Centretown since last summer.

Shall we move the problems back to the Market in time for next summer, or can we figure out a way to deal with it rather than just shuffle it around?

The Webgeek Jun 8, 2005 04:20 PM said:

Maybe they're just nomadic prostitutes.

(i'm so very, very sorry... The office is out of coffee again)

Hugh Jun 8, 2005 07:04 PM said:

I must say I'm glad to be out of the city when I hear all the crack house reports. Time was when I was involved in marijuana use but never the excess of crack cocaine. Forty years ago I became very suspicious of this chemical extraction, long before the smokable variety was invented. It is a big suck and because it is sold by many or most of those who deal in pot, the pot, by that relationship does become a gateway to the crack or heroin. Big problem. Pot's nothing compared to crack or heroin.

But I must tell those who visit this blog that today's Free Internet Press carries a story of an Iranian blogger who has been sentenced to 2 years in prison. He was released from a blogging sentence and then wrote of other bloggers being arrested for blogging and is now back in jail. Worse he is likely to be sentenced to death for blogging statements against the Moslem government and the Koran. You can read about this at: http://www.freeinternetpress.c om/ or go to a blog set up to help him where you can read the data on him. We are lucky to be free to write as we please here in Canada.
http://en-mojtaba-samienejad.b logspot.com/

Hugh Jun 8, 2005 07:08 PM said:

I notice that somehow a space has been put in the address for the Iranians blog. Odd, since I pasted it in and the paste is correct elsewhere. There's also the space in the Free Internet Press address which is my typo I guess.

http://www.freeinternetpress.c om/
http://en-mojtaba-samienejad.b logspot.com/

Hugh Jun 8, 2005 07:09 PM said:

Well, that's twice in a row. This system is breaking those URL's not me.

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