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Gomery a go-go

Wed Nov 2, 2005 Miss Vicky 

As compelling as it may be to fire off piece of vitriol about the Gomery Report (part 1), I'm going to restrain myself. For now, anyway. First, there's plenty of commentary out there in the blogosphere already, and I don't need to add a piece of my own semi-informed opinion. Second, I'm less interested in the "who's responsible" aspect of the inquiry than I am in the second part of his report, which will outline specific recommendations to prevent these shenanigans in the future. And that's not due out until February. It's easy to play the blame game, and politicos on all sides will exercise their index fingers quite a bit over the coming weeks. Instead, Miss Vicky will make a concerted effort to think and act locally, and nudge out some of our community's stories that might get overshadowed by the post-Gomery spin and accompanyting election speculation.

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