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Sunday Bests

Sun Dec 4, 2005 Miss Vicky 

We started our day a little later than usual with a breakfast at Cozy's. The Breakfast Bloggers have had me thinking about pancakes for a couple of weeks now, damn them! I opted for the blueberry pancakes and was astounded when the server placed a massive platter in front of me with three absolutely HUGE pancakes on it. I swear, they were as big as my head! Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a tad. But they were pretty big. And thick. And fluffy. And filling - I only made it through two. It's a great breakfast spot, though - for the people-watching as much as the pancakes. This is a real neighbourhood spot. The folks know each other; they chat across the table. It had a great vibe.

Next on the agenda was our usual stroll with Winston. Since the conditions along the river are getting a little unfriendly, we decided to wind our way through the neighbourhood, heading west on Byron and then south on Island Park until we hit Hampton Park. I don't know why we haven't walked there before - it was very pleasant. Winston found a great stick in the woods (which served as a fine distraction when other dogs came along). We have a few more routes to try but but we may have found our winter Winston walk. Now if there were only an off-leash area at the end of it, life would be ideal. Well, Winston's life would, anyway.

Our afternoon was spent at two events. We headed down to the Not Your Grandma's Craft Sale at the Legion on Kent, said hello to Miss Twiss and walked out with a very stylish hand-painted toilet seat with a 50s pinup theme. It has to be seen to be believed, really. Impossible to resist. Miss Twiss was selling glam rock holiday ornaments and stockings. We caught some of the Cratfers' Danger Match - sort of an Ultimate Fighter but with glue, ribbon and gumdrops. Riveting. Anyway, it was great to see Miss Twiss and swap stories about the 'hood, and also to check out some of the really funky creative crafters we have in Ottawa.

Then we headed east to the Pineview Golf Course for an annual event my friend Raylene and her family host for their friends and colleagues (well, really for the kids of their friends and colleagues...and the Food Bank, as the kids all bring donations). It was quite the event. I had to keep the Webgeek away from the Bouncy Castle. The highlight was, of course, Santa's visit, and I have to say, as cynical as many of us are it was a hoot to watch the kids. They sent him off with a rousing chorus of Jingle Bells after all the kids got their turn to have a visit. An interesting event to observe, given our discussions this week.

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accidental altruist Dec 5, 2005 09:13 AM said:

which one was miss twiss? i was there at the crack of 10, didn't know she was there! was she making the felt boot ornaments?

i was kinda partial to the crocheted bacon and egg corsages - but figured i'd tire of explaining it to people. ;-)

we took a business card for the toilet seats - we were thinking of getting a custom jobbie 'cuz our throne is a tad longer than the standard size. can't wait to see your pinup! wheeee!

when is Pinklitva getting to town???

The Webgeek Dec 5, 2005 09:17 AM said:

was she making the felt boot ornaments?


amckay Dec 5, 2005 09:27 AM said:

Where exactly is Cozy's? I'd like to try it out. I think I recognise the sign from that breakfast blog, but I cannot quite place where it is. And the breakfast bloggers didn't specify as I recall.

The Webgeek Dec 5, 2005 09:38 AM said:

Where exactly is Cozy's?

It's on Wellington, across the street from Bonker's, Levonian (the shirt maker) & Hino's.

[Edited By The Webgeek Dec 05, 2005 09:39 AM]

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