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Have your say on the city budget

Mon Dec 5, 2005 Miss Vicky 

Budget deliberations begin today; councillors are hearing input from the public for the next three days. If you want to make a presentation, you can register by calling 580-2424, ext. 28617.

The City for All Women Initiative (a group that encourages women to get involved in city politics) presents tonight at 7:15 and are inviting supporters to sport peach scarves in the gallery to remind councillors that women are watching. They are highlighting three issues: user fees for recreation, transit and garbage collection, the need to maintain and enhance social services by restoring Community Project Funding to the 2003 level and establishing a Human Rights and Employment Equity consultant position to assist in implementing the Equity and Diversity Policy, as the current number of staff is inadequate for facilitating employment equity and equal access to services for all residents.

I imagine that user fees, transit fares and garbage collection will be hot topics. Should be an interesting couple of days! Miss Vicky has yet to decide whether to bring her thoughts to the committee of the whole. Stay tuned....

You can also make your views known to the city by calling your councillor, or by filling out the Draft Budget feedback form online. There's also a Budget hotline at 613-580-9672. Your recorded message will be transcribed and sent to Council.

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