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Renovation Diet recap

Tue Dec 20, 2005 Miss Vicky 

What bliss, to be able to cook your own dinner in your very own kitchen! So far our meals have been all about the oven, as we've been without one for quite some time now (the old one busted months before we began the renovation). The holiday baking should begin later this week once we start to clear out the chaos in the rest of the house.

I did want to express my profound thanks to the 'hood for providing us with some fantastic meals while we were kitchenless. We're pretty lucky to live within walking distance of so many great places to eat. So I thought I would replay some of the highlights of our renovation diet.

Let's start with breakfast. Most days this invovled a stroll up to Bridgehead with Winston and our travel mugs. I usually opted for the scone; the Webgeek favours the Tripleberry muffin (he is still bitter about the loss of the carrot ginger muffin they used to have). We'd eat our breakfast as we walked the dog along the river, or through the neighbourhood.

Some days, of course, you need more than that. Thanks to the Breakfast Blogger, we decided to try Cozy's. Blueberry Pancakes the size of your head, I swear! Plus great people-watching and friendly staff. And it's cheap. For a more upscale breakfast/brunch, we favoured the Agave Grill (I recommend the breakfast burrito) or Stoneface Dolly's new location on Preston. Three Bakers and a Bike also does a yummy Sunday Brunch, but it's sometimes hard to find a seat in this tiny shop. And of course there is always the Bagel Shop - we would occasionally stop in for fresh bagels on our morning stroll, instead of the Bridgehead treats.

As I usually lunch at work, we didn't take advantage of the many lunchy locations along Wellington. Although there was one work-at-home day when I popped around the corner to Wellington Sandwiches for their White Angus wrap (roast beef with cream cheese) and a cup of hearty lentil soup.

Our suppers alternated between the fast-and-convenient and the more leisurely Dinner Out. Not a cheap way to live, to be sure. Fortunately we were able to break things up with the occasional Dinner at Mom's. Fast-and-convenient usually meant takeout from the Spring Roll House (or eat-in, if we were craving Pho), pad thai from the Phnomn Penh or curries from the Indian Express. Thyme and Again provided us with healthy, balanced alternatives, especially when I needed a spinach salad fix. Which happens a lot.

Sometimes suppers out meant pub food, and specifically the Royal Oak or Daniel O'Connells. I can't say I'm wild about the food at the Oak, but I do enjoy the Club and their wings, and there is always a good crowd there. We wandered outside of the 'hood a few times to the Manx for their addictive Lamb Curry Wrap, or up to Westboro to the Works for a burger.

Supper highlights for me included:
Hino's - Japanese Bistro on Wellington I'd always been curious about. The food is excellent, which leads me to wonder what was holding me back before.

Allium and Absinthe - two bistros on Holland with great food and pleasant, funky atmospheres.

Caribbean Flavours - on Somerset heading into Chinatown. Not a place you want to go for a quick meal but the Jerk Chicken special we had was tremendous. The Ginger Beer is pretty potent. I'm just sayin'.

The Roses - Handy Indian Buffet right in the heart of Wellington Village. Heritage on tap, friendly owners and tasty food with lots of vegetarian options.

Stoneface Dolly's - What more can I say? One of my favourite Ottawa restaurants.

Agave Grill - always a good place to go for a healthy Mexican meal

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The Webgeek Dec 20, 2005 11:34 AM said:

I must also say that finger foods (read veggie platters) at the various functions we attended also helped keep up the vegetable content in our diets. The odd looks after wolfing down the 10th piece of broccoli usually subsided once we mentioned our kitchen woes.

The Cube Gallery in particular puts on a swanky nibbly spread.

As for lunches, I eat near work as well, but since I was in the market, I had more choice. Shwarma galore. I also enjoyed Shaffali's lunch counter in the market mall. But I must heartily recommend Agave, a great little Mexican Cantina on Dalhouse near the market. Fresh, fast, and relatively cheap; it has a line of funky Mexican soft drinks (Tamarind Pop is pretty tasty) & a help-yourself salsa bar.

Miss Vicky Dec 20, 2005 12:12 PM said:

You mean Ahora, don't you?

The Webgeek Dec 20, 2005 12:24 PM said:



Mandos Dec 24, 2005 08:03 PM said:

You mean it's "Hino's" and not "Hind"???? I always thought it was an Indian restaurant called "Hind" (pronounced as in "Hindu"). But I never went there. It's a Japanese restaurant???

They should have a less ambiguous sign.

The Webgeek Dec 28, 2005 11:50 AM said:

Apparently it's the owner's last name.

You can go in there and tell him to change if you want...

Mandos Dec 28, 2005 06:02 PM said:

I don't mind the name, just the font.

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