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Fairmont Guerilla Gardener revealed!

Sun Aug 13, 2006 Miss Vicky 

As you may recall, Miss Vicky is a great fan of Guerilla Gardening. Saturday's Citizen had a great article on the subject, focusing in particular on the wonderful and ever-expanding garden at Fairmont and Young. And they very helpfully revealed the identity of the green samaritan - Michael Mazur, a retired biologist. A little search on his name revealed the identity of a co-conspirator, Riek van den Burg.

So thanks, Michael and Riek. A lot of us really enjoy that space and appreciate the effort.

Apparently Mazur is looking for plant donations, especially shade-growing plants - check the Citizen for his phone number. Have I got some iris bulbs for him!

Some people were moved to reply

amckay Aug 14, 2006 06:30 AM said:

Hmmm, so you just identify any-old piece of land that seems to be in disrepair, and you start tilling it? And hope that nobody comes by and says "hey you kids, get out of that jello tree!" ?

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