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Hintonburg's Daily Mass

Fri Oct 26, 2007 Miss Vicky 

Critical Mass is a form of urban cycling activism, and it's coming to Hintonburg.

There are a lot of commuters cycling east on Wellington West every morning, making their way through the often perilous traffic to their downtown workplaces. Miss Vicky sees them every morning on the ritual family stroll to Bridgehead. Rain or shine, there are a substantial number of bikes on the road, and more often than not drivers are oblivious to that. Sometimes even hostile. As the width of Wellington West and Somerset shrinks and expands depending on where you are in the route, some spots are more dangerous than others. Buses pulling in and out of stops pose even more of a hazard to the cycle commuter.

So the idea behind the Hintonburg Daily Mass is to gather commuters to cycle downtown together - there is, after all, safety in numbers. Plus, it's fun!

The Mass will leave the Hintonburg Community Centre at 8:15 sharp. No need to dress up, as is often the case for the monthly critical mass rides in Ottawa and elsewhere. Just bring yourself and your bike.

you can also join the Facebook group for regular updates.

Sadly, Miss Vicky's commute is in the wrong direction, or she and her Townie would happily join in.

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