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Tue Jun 3, 2008 Miss Vicky 

OK, the Faithful Legion here know that Miss Vicky has a bit of a thing for good food.... so she is pretty pleased that Hintonburg and Wellington West have evolved into a real destination for foodies. And now everyone is starting to notice - there was a good piece in the Kitchissippi Times last week about the gastronomical phenomenon that the neighbourhood has become. Kitchissippi Kitchens, a fundraiser for Dovercourt programming, took place at Tom Brown Arena last night. And the new Wellington West BIA is organizing a "Taste of Wellington" this Saturday (something many have talked about doing for quite some time).

Kitchissippi Kitchens was a pretty good event - set up like the Wine and Food Show, you purchased tickets to redeem for food and beverage samples. There was a good range of offerings -from Wild Boar ribs from Thyme & Again to Tortilla Soup and stuffed Jalapenos from Amate to cupcakes from Three Bakers and a Bike (not to mention Session Ale from Heritage/Scotch Irish breweries and wine samplers from Groovy Grapes). Phil Powell from the Parkdale Market was handing out some yummy cream of asparagus soup. One disappointment was the glaring absence of anything east of Parkdale. But generally, it was a success, with a lot of people (and a couple of long lineups as a result). If it does become a regular event it would benefit from a larger venue, for sure.

A Taste of Wellington, which takes place this Saturday, invites people to explore the mainstreet by foot or bike, sampling culinary offerings from merchants and restaurants along the entire strip, from Island Park to Somerset. Look for the blue ribbons to signal places to stop. There are at least 30 places participating, so it promises to be an amazing day - the shuffle to beat all Wellington Shuffles!

Some people were moved to reply

Miss Vicky Jun 4, 2008 10:11 PM said:

Miss Vicky heard from Councillor Leadman's office, who wanted to clarify a couple of points about Monday's event:

I would like to take this opportunity to clarify a few points. All funds raised from Kitchissippi Kitchens are going to a special fund called Kitchissippi Kids created by Councillor Leadman. This fund is being administered by Dovercourt and will provide financial assistance to any child or youth in Kitchissippi allowing them to take recreational, athletic and cultural programming that their families cannot afford. This programming does not have to take place at Dovercourt, however we are grateful to John Rapp and Dovercourt for administering Kitchissippi Kids.

We, too, were disappointed that no one east of Parkdale chose to participate, although we did approach food and wine vendors in this area. (Unfortunately, the only participating vendor we did find in this area backed out at the 11th hour.) With luck, some will choose to participate in this community event next year.

Glad to hear the fund does not just go to kids participating in Dovercourt programming. Because there are lots of kids in HIntonburg, Mechanicsville or elsewhere in Kitchissippi that might want to opt for programming at Plant, HCC or elsewhere. When there are details about how the fund will be administered, Miss Vicky will be happy to post 'em.

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