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Big Weekend

Fri Jun 13, 2008 Miss Vicky 

So, you already know about Westfest. And the Kitchicoo Garage Sale (14 Sherbrooke Ave, Saturday, 8am to 1pm!). And Touch-a-truck at Westgate on Father's Day..... but Miss Vicky has remained relatively mum about one thing she's doing this weekend: The Ottawa Riverkeeper Triathlon.

Yep. She's doing it. Well, it's not a full-blown triathlon, but what is known as a Try-a-tri - a shorter distance designed for new or recreational triathletes. The components of the race are a 200m swim, 10k bike ride, and 2.5k run. Which is more than enough to give Miss Vicky plenty of butterflies about tomorrow morning, thank you very much.

You may be wondering what gave Miss Vicky the notion of attempting a tri - even a baby tri like this one. It's actually something she has been considering doing for quite some time - ever since she got back into Master's swimming a few years ago. She set a private goal for herself of trying it when she turned 40. Then she got pregnant, ran for office, had a baby, had some thyroid issues, got pregnant again.... let's just say Miss Vicky's relationship with regular exercise has been on-again, off-again, shall we?

So when the 40th birthday actually arrived, and Miss Vicky was suddenly not pregnant any more, it was time to revisit the goal. Thanks to the guidance of the Kitchissippi Times Running Club, she started running in February, and has been quietly plugging away at her training since then. The bike and swim training has not been as regular or as intense as the running, but she's doing it anyway. Tomorrow. Yikes!

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knitnut Jun 13, 2008 10:20 PM said:

Good luck tomorrow Miss Vicky! And have fun.

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