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Strikes and PR

Wed Dec 17, 2008 Miss Vicky 

Miss Vicky has been quiet on this transit strike issue up until now. It's been kind of hard to weigh in, with so much flying back and forth in the media, none of it particularly helpful to moving us toward an end to the conflict. With so many layers of misinformation and knee-jerk reaction, especially with the Mayor trying to negotiate through the media (if you can call what he's doing negotiation, since it's more bullying than bargaining).

I'm not particularly surprised at the mayor's tactics. First of all, as a private sector entrepreneur who specializes in outsourcing (and therefore helping employers do away with the need to negotiate collectively with employees, or indeed have employees at all), he knows next to nothing about the process. Second, he desperately needs a victory. With his recent loss of face during the budget process, not to mention his impending trial, Mayor Larry desperately needs a victory. What's more, he desperately needs to show that he is actually relevant.

In a situation like this, with a completely intractable employer who seems content to wait out the strike, it is fundamental that the union get the public on its side. Stopping work isn't enough - the public needs to exert pressure on the employer to get them back to the table and to negotiate a fair and timely end to the strike... say, by accepting the mediator's suggestion to remove scheduling from the package and deal with it in a separate process.

Unfortunately, the ATU seems to be lacking a smart PR strategy. Scratch that - they seem to be lacking a PR strategy altogether. I'm assuming they have their ways to communicate with their members - they've been having regular membership meetings to update members on the situation - but they don't seem to have put any thought whatsoever into communicating with their riders. The local's website hasn't been updated in months. ATU Canada's website (which is a piece of crap, by the way) just links to news articles (and out of date ones at that). So there is no way to get their message out to a public that relies on the service and is massively affected by the shutdown. Really. Bad. Idea.

So they're relying totally on the media to get out their message. Don't get me wrong - you need a smart media campaign as well as the direct methods of communication offered here on the interwebz. But a smart media campaign means a good spokesperson as well as clear and concise messaging. Our drivers, sadly, have the blustering, oafish André Cornellier and, apparently, no sense of what a clear and concise message might be. Now André has retreated to the back rooms for the most part, in favour of the ATU's International Vice-President, but the damage, really, has been done. The strikers have come across as unsympathetic, arrogant, and unwilling to negotiate. Not so good if the goal is to get the public on your side.

On the other side of the bargaining table, the Mayor has the city website and press offices, his own blog, and his pals over at CFRA to help spread his message. OC Transpo's management uses the OC Transpo website. That's a lot of spin for the drivers to overcome.

Despite the inadequacy of their communications tactics (such as they are), they have managed to put a rest to the notion that this is about money and put the focus squarely on the root of the conflict between the city and the union - scheduling. Or more specifically, the city's proposal to eliminate rights the drivers already have in their collective agreement. But they still need to take it one further step and explain why refusing concessions is so important - especially now that the city and OC Transpo management are claiming that this is all about safety.

Fortunately, a few rank and file drivers are making up for their leadership's shortcomings by posting over at the OC Transpo livejournal community. The forum has been around for a while, and drivers have always been active in it, making it a unique place for discussion of all things Transpo - no politicos, no wonks, just drivers and riders. The drivers who post there have been great at explaining the rationale for the strike, countering some of the anti-union stuff that people post and just generally putting their point of view out there. Take this post, which gives the union's position on the scheduling issue. Or this perspective from a senior driver (not edited for language and spelling):

As someone who was working at OC when the shooting happened, I remember KPMG reccomendations that basically told OC management that it's workers were working in a poison atmosphere and reccomended changes to improve our quality of life. At this time (the only time in 27 years of driving for OC), they actually implimented a few changes to make working conditions better. Since the city has taken over the reigns, the poison is back and back with a vengence. We are now managed by a whole bunch of bean counters that have no transportation experience. They have no idea what it takes to drive a bus in a safe and reliable manner. The only concern for them is the bottom line. People skills, forget it. If any of you think they care about you, the people who actually support the system, you again , are sadly mistaken.

Running times on our routes has been cut, deadhead time has been cut, cut enough that most trippers that work the afternoon rush cannot keep their schedules, even if they drive like assholes, they cannot keep time. This translates into late buses for the public, more stress for the drivers and a workforce that has no moral whatsoever. If any of you think this will change with the new booking procedures, again, you are sadly mistaken. By interlining routes, it only takes one small traffic jam to put your bus late. This will snowball all of the way through the shift making that paticular driver late on all of the next trips he is scheduled to drive. More stress on driver, more pissed off people waiting for a bus that will be late.

Now the city wants to take away our only perk, which is our right to choose the shifts we want, ( these shifts are put together by management on a morning and afternoon basis). As a senior operator, this will not affect me that much, but look at a young driver with a young family. Now he can choose morning and afternoon shifts that will allow him,( or her), to pick shifts that will give some time with family. The new system takes all of that away. No more overtime translates into more weekend work for junior men. 13 and a half hour spread during the week translates into less quality time with family. How can this improve working conditions?

I am still contributing to this forum because there seem to be a lot of level headed people here who honestly want to know the reasons why we are on the street. It sucks for everyone, but mark my words, just because you hear a few drivers on the radio wanting to vote for this new offer, they are a very small minority at OC. We will still vote down any offer that has this new style of booking in it, we have to.

We are sorry that you all are affected by this job action, but as I stated in an earlier post, at some point in time, we have to take care of ourselves as well. Hope it's all resolved soon. My Christmas is going to suck this year as well.

ATU 279 would do well to start giving their rank and file a hand in spreading the word and countering the Mayor's spin. Start by updating your website, willya?

Some people were moved to reply

David McClelland Dec 17, 2008 03:20 PM said:

The OC Transpo community on Livejournal has certainly become a fascinating place over the last week. The drivers there have done a great job of communicating their message and staying fairly civil in the face of quite a bit of hostility from the city as a whole. They definitely have my respect, and it's unfortunate they have such a poor spokesperson otherwise.

amckay Dec 18, 2008 06:55 AM said:

Hmmm, that driver quote talks about "driving a bus in a safe and reliable manner", yet letting the drivers have control of scheduling leads to documented cases of drivers working 22 hours in a row. I certainly don't want to be on one of those busses at the end of that driver's shift.

Yes, I'm pretty much behind the City on this one with the exception that I adamantly do not support split shifts. But the drivers to me appear to be completely out of touch with reality. The fact that they wanted a 10% raise over 3 years shows this completely and fully.

To me it only makes common sense that the employer should control scheduling. How many workplaces give that luxury to their employees? A luxury it is, indeed. I think if OC Transpo drivers were in heaven playing a harp, they'd want a violin. They have no idea how good they have it - they make really good money, and have a great benefits plan. Most people I know will put up with a lot of bullshit at work for those 2 things. Count me in there.

If the City were smart at this point, they'd remove scheduling from the table and drop the raise to 3% over 3 years, which is still a heck of a lot more than what the rest of us are going to get in this recession. EDIT: At Nortel I've had about a 3% raise in 6 years now.

[Edited By amckay Dec 18, 2008 06:56 AM]

brad Jan 5, 2009 11:39 AM said:

The Saturday Ottawa Citizen of either December 13th or 20th provided a table comparing Ottawa transit drivers with other cities. Ottawa = $50,000; Edmonton = $55,000; Montreal = $56,000; Toronto = $57,000. The 10% raise would get Ottawa on par with Edmonton.

Also, I grabbed this summary from the Globe and Mail today (not sure of its validity but gives us a glance at the past).

The History of the Current Scheduling System:
In the mid-1990s morale at OC Transpo began to fall, it hit bottom in 1998 and 1999. In response to this both the Union and Management knew that it had to carefully examine ways to turn the workplace around. Management at OC Transpo recommended to Regional Council, and Council approved a study by KPMG that cost in excess of one million dollars. KPMG recognized the problem, noting in its February 1999 report:
'…[reduced public funding, deteriorating bus fleet, and increasing cost of providing public transit services] contributed to the strife between OC Transpo and its workers, demoralized workforce, resulting in poorer customer service…'
' KPMG also noted that both the union and management shared a concern and hoped to work together to improve working conditions. KPMG went on to observe:

'There has been a strong commitment from both the unions and management to recognize the shortcomings of the system and to implement change and improvements as quickly as possible. The level of co-operation, and the commitment to consultation between the unions and management has improved dramatically.”
The KPMG study recommended that management allow the drivers, including their union, to have a greater role to play in the operation of the workplace. KPMG rejected the prevailing attitude in the workplace concluding that “the philosophy that “I put up with it so you have to” has been recognized as inappropriate in today’s environment.”
'To further demonstrate their willingness to overcome problems, representatives from both management and the union attended negotiation training sessions at Harvard University. The result was a commitment by both sides to embrace “interest based negotiations” – a process where the parties openly share their concerns, expectations and information in negotiations. The Harvard program was partially funded by the federal Mediation Services department.

Improved morale could not come quick enough though – on April 6, 1999 an employee had entered the Belfast Road bus depot and opened fire – killing four long-service workers. This terrible event, and the memories of four workers, reinforced the need to make improvements in this workplace.

One such improvement was the scheduling system that is presently in dispute. The proposal originated with the employer negotiators – a way that drivers could have more input into the nature of their work. Prior to this, drivers reported in and were assigned routes and times. There was frustration and a feeling that drivers did not have even this small amount of control over their working lives.

amckay Jan 6, 2009 04:27 PM said:

A new poll shows 89% of Ottawans support the City's position in the strike, so we could be in for a long one! The Sun article I saw did not say whether or not those polled were also asked whether or not they use transit. That would be an interesting number to see.

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