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Belated National Aboriginal Day post

Wed Jun 22, 2005 Miss Vicky 

so yesterday was National Aboriginal Day. Unfortunately I had to head to Guelph and was without internet access most of the day.

I had intended to feature the Odawa Native Friendship Centre yesterday.... better late than never, I guess. And really, why confine our attention to these issues to one day a year?

Located in an old school on Stirling near Scott, Odawa provides a range of services to the aboriginal community of Ottawa and environs. According to their website, they've been around since 1975. And they do good work, supporting cultural activities, providing important community services (especially services for families) as well as sports and recreation programs. Their annual Pow Wow (which takes place in May, unfortunately the weekend I was out of town) is a huge event, drawing visitors from all over.

I haven't been to the centre for a couple of years. Last time was for a special event recognizing the achievements of some members of the community, and it was catered by a culinary skills program the centre ran. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any reference to the program on the site (they used to do catering as well and had Thursday drop-in lunches), so I'm wondering whether it still exists. I put a call into the centre to find out. The food was certainly yummy.

Another organization serving aboriginal people in our community is the Native Women's Association of Canada, located in the West Wellington village. Right now they have a petition on the go regarding discrimination against aboriginal women and children. Last year they launched an excellent campaign called Sisters in Spirit, to draw attention to missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada (unfortunately the site is down, or I'd provide a link).

Did anyone make it to any of the events yesterday? Care to make a report?

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Special Patrol Group Jun 22, 2005 06:02 PM said:

Hey Miss Vicky :) I did not take part in any activities yesterday but over the weekend there was a Pow-Wow at the park near Dow's Lake. "Chef-geek" and I attended and enjoyed the opening ceremonies Sunday afternoon. My mother took part directly in the festivities both Saturday and Sunday, she always gets in her outfit and brings out the eagle feathers to dance her big Metis heart out, you got a love it. It was a nice experience, it may not have had as many people as expected, due to the gloomy weather...But the people that did come out were there in good spirits and that's what counts.
I do belive that Odawa had a part in this...I'm not sure if it was their actual "annual" event.

Miss Vicky Jun 22, 2005 11:58 PM said:

I went to that pow wow last year - it was great!

Miss Vicky Jun 23, 2005 10:46 AM said:

an update - Council voted 16-6 in favour of Odawa's rezoning application, so the drop-in centre at 510 Rideau is a go! They should be open in July.

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