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Baby gear

Wed Jun 14, 2006 Miss Vicky 

andrea wrote, in another thread where I obliquely referred to our search for the right stroller:

If I can throw my two cents in re: the stroller.

If there's one thing I regret about our own stroller purchase is that (a) the wheels weren't big enough. Get the biggest wheels you can. It'll be easier to get around in all seasons. Trust me. (b) there was no cupholder and (c) there wasn't enough extra "carry" space.... something big enough to hold a diaper bag would have been nice.

Oops. That's three things. Now four: it pays to spend $$$. You'll be using it a lot. And ultimately you get what you pay for.

Wise advice, indeed. We have been thinking hard about the stroller purchase - especially since we spend a lot of time out and about in the 'hood, during all seasons. We set our criteria fairly early in the process. We wanted something that could handle different kinds of terrain - snow, ice, cottage roads as well as sidewalk - and different levels of activity, but was also manoeuvrable and not so huge that you couldn't take it in to the odd store. We wanted something relatively light, that could accommodate an infant, had decent storage, was easy to fold, and could fit in the back seat of Trixie along with the babe in the car seat so Winston could be in the hatch. Tall order, no?

So we narrowed our search fairly early to the three-wheeled variety of "all-terrain" strollers. We wanted a swivelling front wheel that could be locked when necessary. Cupholders were a consideration for the Webgeek, while comfort, storage and the ability to recline were imporant to me. Here's what we came up with:

Zooper Boogie. Good storage, infant car seat compatible, nifty adjustable handle. But it was hard to fold, pretty heavy (31lbs) and very bulky even in the folded position. We pretty much scratched it off our list right away for that reason alone.

Bob Revolution. Available at MEC, which is a plus. Very sturdy, has good suspension for those bumpy rides, is easy to fold and pretty small when folded. It's also lighter than the Zooper (22.5 lbs) and comes in funky colours. You can purchase an infant car seat adapter and a handlebar console (with cupholder). But it seemed long to me and it didn't recline much.

Phil and Ted's E3. When we went to Kiddytown to check out stroller models, a staffer was demonstrating this model to a couple - it didn't take long for a crowd to grow. So we got a pretty good introduction to this stroller, and were pretty impressed. It is light, it is easy to fold and fairly compact when folded. It reclines fully, so you can put a newborn in it, and you can also get an infant car seat adapter. It seems very sturdy. It's a stripped down model - not many bells and whistles, but very utilitarian. You'd have to get extra stuff for comfort, since it's very basic. But the cool thing is its adaptability - you can get an extra toddler seat later, say, if you end up having an extra addition in the family (we're not planning that, BTW, but we weren't really planning this one either).

Bumbleride Rocket. Appealed to our geeky aesthetic sense, to be sure. Light, easy to fold and fits in the back of Trixie (we tried). Car seat adapter, cupholders, and other extras are included. Storage is not bad (although not as good as some of the other models), the handles are adjustable and it was easy to fold. More cushy for baby than the Phil & Ted's. Reclines fully.

There are more expensive models but that just seemed silly.

We have yet to take the plunge, but we're leaning towards the Rocket at this point. Fortunately a certain family member is helping out with this particular item, for which we are very grateful.

As for baby-wearing, as accidental altruist suggested, we're planning on a carrier as well. Actually we were hoping for a hand-me-down Baby Bjorn from siblings but they keep getting pregnant, dammit. But given our penchant for strolling and shopping, I think the stroller is a must.

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The Webgeek Jun 14, 2006 11:05 AM said:

It's been fun looking for "Dad friendly" gear too, since I'll most likely be the stay-at-home parent (I'm soooo psyched!).

The coolest thing I've found thus far is the DadGear Diaper Vest, though I think a proper diaper bag will also be required. I'm digging these ones made from recycled highway billboards.

[Edited By The Webgeek Jun 14, 2006 11:07 AM]

adavidso Jun 14, 2006 11:39 AM said:

Hi, I met you on at the party on Gladstone last night... the solution that we found to the stroller dilema is to have lots of them. No one stroller could be everything we wanted. Our big/winter stroller is a double chariot that we also use as a bike trailer. The stroller that we use the most often is a relatively cheap ~$80 one that we got at toys 'r' us that has a cupholder, tray, under seat basket (fits a diaper bag perfectly), but smaller wheels. The only thing I wish it had was an extensible handle so that I could take bigger strides. I see a fair number of this particular stroller around - the brand is Kolcraft. Our third stroller is an umbrella stroller that is used for planes and sometimes kept in the trunk of the car. It doesn't have space for a diaper bag which discourages us from using it more.

Of course this is all for a 1-2 year old... with an infant, it's nice to have something that's compatible with the car seat - mostly to avoid having to wake them up to transfer them. I think for the next one we'll get a car seat frame with wheels or compatible stroller.

The DadGear website is nice... it's surprisingly difficult to find a good diaper bag through regular retail channels. We got one of the typical cotton/vinyl lined ones as a gift, but it quickly gave out. Luckily my MIL made us a nice courier style one from scratch.

adavidso Jun 14, 2006 11:45 AM said:

oh, and I can't forget to plug our favorite local baby store The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe
across from the library on Rosemount. They have all sorts of great cloth diapers/pails/etc. We have used standard chinese prefolds with the "snappy" which is a wonderful safety pin substitute that works great with prefolds.

(linkified by webgeek)

[Edited By The Webgeek Jun 14, 2006 01:22 PM]

Miss Vicky Jun 14, 2006 11:49 AM said:

Yay for taking the plunge, adavidso! It is good to get these tips as well. We figure we'll eventually need other strollers - the bike chariot thingy, the folding umbrella - but that's a ways away and there are plenty of those available used.

Thank goodness for consignment shops!

Miss Vicky Jun 14, 2006 11:50 AM said:

oh yeah, we haven't been into extraordinary baby yet, but we're planning on cloth diapering, so it's on our agenda. I like how they offer packages of different models so you can try them out - and even rentals so you can decide if cloth diapering is your thing.

amckay Jun 14, 2006 03:32 PM said:

Multiple strollers was our way to go, too.

As for DadGear - if you are planning to use cloth diapers (which I hope you are) then beware that a lot of stuff is designed for disposiables. Even kids clothes are designed smaller and do not take into account the bulk of cloth.

The aforementioned diaper shoppe is owned by a friend of liss76's and has an excellent selection and the owner is extremely knowedgable. We've tried over a dozen different types of cloth and have settled in on Fuzzibuns (cover and fleece liner sewn together, takes a cloth prefold) and the Bummis Wraps (cover that takes a prefold). They fit very well, are easy to use, and versatile. Though a bit expensive (hey, put them on your shower registry and let someone else buy them for you!). Ours have been through 2 kids now and still have enough "umph" for a 3rd (most of them, at least). My personal favorites are the Fuzzibuns, of the 2.

For bargain diapers the ones from Sears are reasonably good at a good price. If you are considering a particular brand, ask us and chances are we've tried it.

I'll follow this up with a canned email I send to all expecting parents. More tips and such.

amckay Jun 14, 2006 03:51 PM said:

Oh yeah, for diaper lines for cloth diapers just buy the thinnest grade of solar fleece from the bargain bin at the sewing shop, and cut it into approrpirate-sized pieces. Fleece does not fray so no hemming required. It wicks moisture away like nobody's business so keeps baby very dry. And poo sticks to it only reluctantly so it's usually easy to dump into the toilet. Somehow this was missing from the canned message I just sent you :-)

Miss Vicky Jun 14, 2006 03:58 PM said:


Flanders Jun 15, 2006 09:18 AM said:

Long-dormant neurons...firing slowly...

Stollers, right! I remember those....Um, yeah, big wheels to get through snow. That's all you need to know.

Oh, and we're saving for you a bike-attachment-carrier-wheel behind-thingy for when Gordon gets a bit bigger

Miss Vicky Jun 15, 2006 09:25 AM said:

woo hoo!

amckay Jun 15, 2006 09:57 AM said:

Further to the "multiple strollers", I don't think any of the ones you linked to would be very good for going into a store, for example. And that was one of your criteria. But all look ideal for covering distance e.g. with your morning walks with Winston.

Speaking of which - how do you think he's going to deal with being 2nd fiddle all-of-a-sudden. We eventually had to put down one of our cats because while she was initially very protective of our first son, later she became exactly the opposite and became a threat. Not an easy thing to do, but we tried for many months to give her away, to no avail.

Miss Vicky Jun 15, 2006 10:12 AM said:

Well, we enlisted the help of a canine behaviourist and have started a new training regime with Winston. He's learning that he's not "top dog" in the family pack. So far it's working pretty well, although we still have some work to do on the walks.

The Webgeek Jun 15, 2006 11:15 AM said:

One of the criteria I had when getting Winston as a dog was that I wanted a breed that would be good with kids. I expected to have him for life, and rather optimistically assumed that I'd be starting a family in the that time (even though I did get him prior to meeting Vicky)

German Shepherd Dogs are traditionally very good family dogs. They love having "jobs" and instinctively take on a protective role of the smaller members (albeit females more than males). They are very even tempered and, given appropriate training, "forgiving" of ear / tail / fur pulling and the like. Their size also means that (most) children pose very little danger in the way of crushing them underfoot, so there's no reason for them to "fear" interaction with kids. In fact, small kids can (and do) throw themselves full force at GSD's with little to no ill affect to the dog.

From what we've seen of Winston's actual personality and action toward children, he's extremely friendly and gentle, if a bit over-enthusiastic, when ever he meets "new" children. He's curious of babies, but not in an aggressive manner at all. Extended dealings with children seems to trigger a "gentle herding" behaviour in him. He follows the kids around and circles around to nudge them back to "the pack". Most kids think this is a game and enjoy running around and "playing chase". Furthermore, we simply have to give the kid a tennis ball to throw, and Winston is suddenly their new best friend.

He is a little sensitive about having his hind quarters manipulated (his hips are not so great) so that will be something we'll need to watch as he and "Pumpkin" get older.

It's also important to realize that, in their minds, kids are *never* bellow them in the pecking order. They see them as "puppies" (which they are) and adults are always above puppies in dog interaction. No matter how "great" a dog is with kids, they must always be closely supervised when interacting together.

The best thing we can do is to have Winston believe his "job" is to be Pumpkin's "nanny". That and make sure he sees Vicky and I as top of the pack, and what we say goes -- ALWAYS and IMMEDIATELY. We're working hard on that last part, and it seems to be kicking in.

Of course, should there be some drastic change in Winston's behaviour, we will find him to a new home; but based on his current personality, our new training regime, and a commitment to persistent due diligence on our part, we don't foresee any issues.

The Webgeek Jun 15, 2006 11:24 AM said:

I don't think any of the ones you linked to would be very good for going into a store, for example

Actually, the front swivel wheel makes them surprisingly nimble. They're smaller than wheelchairs, so as long as the store is relatively accessible to wheelchair access (and most stores should be) these things should be fine.

Worst case, we "park" it out front and carry Pumpkin in for quick stops.

liss76 Jun 15, 2006 11:26 AM said:

Re: Strollers

My suggestion is to get a suitable combo bike trailer/jogger like a Chariot for your more active or "all-season" excursions and a premium umbrella stroller for most everything else. We have a Peg Perego Plikomatic for that (it has a step on the back for the older child to stand on)--it is great for malls, airports, shops, etc and has a good amount of storage space underneath.

We made the mistake of getting a travel system with #1--what a waste of money!

Baby Bjorns are great--ours was rated to up to 35lbs (in theory, #2 could still be carried in it, though I think that just might kill me). We also used a Maya Wrap.

Fuzzibunz didn't fit either of our boys at all in the rolypoly stage. #1 didn't fit any of the multi-size diapers right until about 18mos--small tummy and jumbo thighs don't work well together in the diapering world, apparently. One multi-size that did work for him was SugarPeas (hemp 2 size, multi-size diapering system). Their wool covers are beautiful and very practical for older babies (less so for the earlier exploding-poop stage, though ;o).

Fuzzibunz became our staple diaper once #2 was about 9mos old. Unlike his older brother, he had a tummy to rival his thighs! He was wearing XL by then, so both boys shared the same size diapers for awhile until #1 started using the bathroom. They are convenient, easy to care for and use--even for neophytes, and have a good resale value when properly cared for.

We've thrown the "Cloth Diaper Resale Value" idea out the window, though, and have opted for the "Wear It Until It Falls Apart" mode of thinking. ;o)

For newborns, I really enjoyed Kissaluvs Size 0. It has a snap-down for the umbilical cord. As they are so tiny, they don't get a lot of wear (maybe a month or two) so you can buy them practically new on eVay. I bought ours there for about 1/3 od the cost new and most of them looked never-worn. We loved them. If you want to look at our stash sometime, lmk and I'll drag them out.

liss76 Jun 15, 2006 11:30 AM said:

Oh, and the fleece liners?

If you need any, lmk--I tend to horde fabric and have a pile of different grades or solar fleece that works wonders for lining dipes.

Flanders Jun 16, 2006 09:14 AM said:

Further on Winston...if he can deal with my three l'il hooligans, he can deal with Pumpkin...

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