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Hush.... a confession

Tue May 22, 2007 Miss Vicky 

I admit it. When it comes to wee Gordon, I'm a clothes horse. Well, I'd like to be a clothes horse too but a) I can't afford it and b) most clothes don't fit or complement my rather curvy, short-waisted frame. So I guess I'm living some of my fashion fantasies out on my son.

Now, I can't really justify making a lot of purchases at the more pricey stores (although the scooter and bug rompers from Gymboree were hard to resist). We were able to coast on shower gifts for a good six months, and then the Glebe's annual My Kid's Funky Closet used clothing sale helped a lot.

Last week I stopped in to HUSH, the trendy consignment shop that's just moved into the new Esso Car Wash building on Wellington Street West and Island Park, on a desperate search for summer clothes for my new mom body (this follows a highly depressing survey of my stash of shorts, skirts and tops that no longer fit quite right, not to mention my realization that my collection of cute summer dresses won't work with the whole nursing thing). I managed to find a nice wrap-style t-shirt and a cute paisley skirt, but the big discovery was the news that Hush is opening a kid's consignment store right next door, called Hush Little Baby. They'll be selling gently-used (and trendy) baby and kid's clothes as well as accessories. They will start accepting consignment items later this week and plan to open in July. Funky, affordable clothes for Mom and babe in one handy location.... I'm looking forward to it!

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