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Opportunity for Hintonburg Youth

Mon Oct 15, 2007 Miss Vicky 

Creative Neighbourhoods has announced a very interesting opportunity for Hintonburg youth ages 12-20. The Murmur Project, which documents a neighbourhood's oral history and shares it via digital recordings you can listen to via cell phone, has chosen Hintonburg as its pilot location in Ottawa.

In the next several months, you'll see plaques celebrating local landmarks appear on storefronts and street corners around the neighbourhood, each with a special number that you can dial to hear a story about that spot.

The project is a collaboration with the GCTC, the Playwright's Guild of Canada, Creative Neighbourhoods and Uthink/Murmur, and the idea is to engage Hintonburg youth in exploring and documenting our local history. They're looking for young people who are passionate about writing (not to mention their neighbourhood) to participate in a day-long seminar at the GCTC, working with a professional playwright to turn memories into short stories about our neighbourhood - these will then be recorded for the Murmur project.

The teenage Miss Vicky would have totally been into this. If you know a young person from the 'hood who might be interested in participating, pass on this info... to apply, they should email uth_ink@yahoo.ca with their name, age and email address, along with a paragraph about a place in Hintonburg.

(the boundaries for this project are the O-train tracks in the east to Holland in the west, Scott in the south to the Queensway in the north)

The seminar will take place on November 4, so act soon! No lollygagging!

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Miss Vicky Oct 23, 2007 10:01 AM said:

here's Evan's interview with CBC on the initiative

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