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You're a haughty one, saucy Jak

Sat Oct 27, 2007 The Webgeek 

Just a quick note to let everyone know about my brother Chefgeek's 'new' gig. He's now chef at Jak's kitchen (479 Bronson Ave, at McLeod). He has been working there for a while now, but they've recently renovated -- and part of that renovation was not only a promotion for him, but also allowing him to create their new menu.

For many of you long time Ottawans the address may sound familliar, as it was the location of the old Stonface Dolly's. When Jak's first moved into the location, it was a change in name only -- causing some mixed reviews and a bit of confusion. But now that they've had time to plan it out properly, they've made the space their own. Almost all vestiges of the old Stoneface Dolly's are gone. No more crowded "mom's kitchen" style tables & chairs. Instead, there are clean, modern furnishings and a comfortable banquette along the north wall. The menu is much more contemporary as well, thanks to the new chef. The only "Dolly-esque" feature they retained are the Saturday & Sunday brunches -- though I'm sure the menu has changed there too.

Miss Vicky and I recently made it out for an early dinner (with Wee G in tow) to sample the new fare and were suitably impressed. I would recommend visiting sans toddler. They were very accommodating (even digging up a booster from somewhere), but it's not a family restaurant. So if you're in the neighbourhood, give it a shot. And if your in for dinner, don't forget to say hi to my Bro'. He'll be the guy proudly working away in the kitchen.

(bonus points to anyone who gets the title reference -- without the aid of Google)

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Miss Vicky Oct 27, 2007 09:21 AM said:

A few notes about the food. I had Black Bean cakes to start - nice and crispy and yummy, with a lovely avocado and tomato salsa on top. Then i had the chicken - a nice crispy crust, very juicy and tender, with wild rice and veggies and a stoneground dijon jus which was very lovely. Of course, it was difficult to enjoy properly with Wee G grabbing for the wild rice and shoving it into his mouth with abandon.

Webgeek had a chicken something appetizer (kind of like a pate, I guess) with crostini and a cranberry compote topping. He liked it and so did G. Then he had the steak... I didn't have any because the Chefgeek knows his brother likes his steak VERY RARE, and Miss Vicky prefers her steak ....well.....cooked, somewhat. It came with veggies and shoestring potatoes.

We had a chance to talk to the owner a bit and he is excited about the new format. He really wants it to be a Montreal-style neighbourhood bistro - I think he has definitely achieved the vibe. It's classy but casual, the food is yummy... all in all a very pleasant meal!

liss76 Oct 30, 2007 10:20 PM said:

(bonus points to anyone who gets the title reference -- without the aid of Google)

(Before Googling) Isn't that a quote from some cheesy 80's movie? I think it's one we own because it rang a bell right away.

(After Googling) LOL Gotta watch that one again--it's been awhile. :)

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