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Trucks and Rainstorms and Chicken, oh my.

Mon Jun 16, 2008 The Webgeek 

Webgeek here.

Yesterday was my second Father's Day as a real, live dad -- and it was the best one yet! Thankfully Vicky was quite mobile despite the Triathlon the day before (yay for judicious training schedules, I say). The day started with coffee in bed and several gifts; plaid "dad" shorts & a great shirt (The Webgeek doesn't do ties if he can at all avoid it); a gift certificate for running shoes, so I can join Vicky in the Hintonburg 5k (though I think I found a better event for my sensibilities); a phenominal collection of children's music; and getting to hear my son wish me a "hap-py faa-duhsday" for the first time. This was followed by a nice walk in the 'hood up to Bridgehead for more coffe and Harvest Loaf for "breakfast" (a norfolk pork pie).

Next we packed up the family and went out to Mothercraft's "touch a truck" event. Gordie was in heaven. He got to "drive" a "ci-tee bus" (OC Transpo bus), a "rac-eh car" (race car), a "front-end 'oader" (front end loader), a "po-eace boat" (police boat) and an "am-u-lance"(ambulance, though it was actually the police tactical unit's smaller response vehicle -- a mistake I didn't feel like correcting). We also saw "robots" (a remote control lawn mower that puts our roomba to shame and the police tactical unit remote bomb robot) and got to "touch" (walk up to and dance excitedly around ) fire trucks and snow plows, a "TV truck" and a book mobile too. Then it was home for a nice long nap for Wee G -- Dad showered and played video games.

Next we were supposed to go to WestFest for festival food and music. Unfortunately, the skies opened up and our power got knocked out. So after a bit of a regroup, and break in the weather, we hoofed it over to The Foolish Chicken -- a not-so-surprisingly popular dad's day dinner locale, as we discovered -- for a tasty, fun filled family meal. Super fast , friendly service; quick answers about allergy concerns and a very warm, inviting environment (and Beau's on tap!) made a perfect cap to a great day.

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Richgold Jun 16, 2008 12:03 PM said:

I find the Foolish Chicken a spectacular place for ANY kind of celebration (I took Child Unit #2 there for her birthday the weekend before).

And, I've to ask - do you like your Roomba? We've been toying with the idea for a couple of years now and wonder if the Roomba would die out too quickly while trying to "defrost" our home.

Oh, and happy belated Father's Day to you!

The Webgeek Jun 16, 2008 01:23 PM said:

We don't use the Roomba as much as we should. It is what it is. A fun gadget that does a better job than not vacuuming at all, but isn't a replacement for a real floor cleaning.

On the plus side, the dog leaves it alone, and on the "we're not sure yet" side, Wee G finds it fascinating. It doesn't handle dog hair all that well (I have to remove and clean out the brushes after each pass) but for something we can send on it's merry way at night and then try and find in the morning (it gets stuck under chairs and couches a fair bit), it's not bad.

Nat Jun 16, 2008 07:54 PM said:

Well, if you aren't up to running the 5K, you could always accompany Gordie on his first kids 1K. Oh and as voluneteer coordinator, we are always looking for volunteers. (email Jeff.leiper@sympatico.ca)

(Love the foolish chicken.)

accidental altruist Jun 17, 2008 10:47 AM said:

gosh. i wish you had some video of Gordie dancing around the firetrucks!

Happy belated Father's Day Webgeek! I'm makin' the deviled eggs today.

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