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Kitchen table talk: food in the schools

Mon Apr 2, 2012 Miss Vicky 

Here's a really great event taking place Wednesday evening, for those interested in food policy and promoting healthy eating in our schools.

How do we create healthy school food environments for our kids?

You are invited to participate in a kitchen table talk about Creating Healthy School Food Environments in Ottawa.

Where: Credible Edibles 78 Hinton Avenue North, Ottawa
When: Wednesday April 4th 7-9pm

The Food for All community food project led by Just Food is proposing a set of policies to help develop a city where community groups, elected officials (at all levels of government), parents, students, and educational institutions work together to foster food citizenship an awareness of the impacts of food choices on personal, community, and environmental health in children and youth.

Please join SLOWest Ottawa and Credible Edibles to talk about about creating healthy school food environments through policies and programs.

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