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Facebook is addictive

Sun Apr 8, 2007 Miss Vicky 

that is all.

Some people were moved to reply

amckay Apr 9, 2007 05:24 AM said:

Indeed it is!

The odd thing I find is that it's basically a carbon copy of Google Orkut in almost every way, which I started using about 2 years ago but did not find nearly as addictive. Perhaps because it did not have the critical mass of people I know, I guess. Given that most people I talk to have never even heard of Orkut I guess I know why :-)

kellyb Apr 9, 2007 10:23 AM said:

It's not an addiction. I can stop any time I want. Really.

liss76 Apr 9, 2007 10:49 AM said:



I'm utterly amazed at how many folks from my lovably podunk hometown are on there. And how many more are signing up each day. It's really quite incredible!

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